“Do coupons influence your purchasing decisions…why, or why not?” yes it does influence me on purchasing decisions. Because it helps me save money and helps me to get items of my needs and also helps save money to pay bills. Coupons also have where you can buy multiple items ex. Buy a gallon of milk and get another gallon $2 off or chicken thighs half price off. Coupons influenced a lot of people when it comes to purchasing items. Coupons are given by mail, on receipts after a purchase, or attached on items. Coupons influence customers when it comes to good deals on prices. I’m even influenced my coupons when it comes to food or when i need a cheap way to buy detergent. So yes, coupons has a huge influence not only to me but to everyone around. that’s my thought about coupons. hope you select me to be awarded with the scholarship.

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