Coupons do affect my purchasing decisions. If there is an item that I normally buy, I will buy more than one if the coupon calls for it. I will also try a new product if there is a coupon available for the product and or the item is on sale. I believe that coupons affect my purchasing decision because I have a family of three to provide for and it is just my income coming in. Buying items that are on sale and have a coupon, could possibly save me anywhere from $3-5$ and every dollar adds up in my house. Not only does it save money, but I have switched brands by trying out a new item by using a coupon. Not only do I use printable coupons, but I also use online coupons, when I make purchases, when I use online coupons I save anywhere from $10-$50 and to my family, that makes a big difference.

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