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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Paige H.

As a little girl, I absolutely loved going to the store with my mother. I would watch my mother always look for the best deals. She made shopping a game and she always left a winner. She had a magical way of saving money at every store we went to. Whether it was the local grocery store or a retail store in the mall, my mother was on a mission to save and she had a successful mission every time. I thought she was a bit crazy in my younger years, but now that I am an adult and a college student I have found myself being the same crazy saver just like my mother was and still is. I guess the saying, “like mother, like daughter”, is true. I hate to admit it, but I might be a bit crazier for coupons than my mother. I am a very frugal shopper. I do not like to spend money, especially money I work hard for. I cringe every time I swipe my debit card or hand over my cash to the cashier. My mother at a very young age instilled in me the sense of a hard work ethic. I have never been spoiled or handed anything that I did not work hard for. Every dollar that is in my possession has been earned because I worked for it. It is much easier to spend other people’s money but it becomes much harder when you realize all the sacrifices you have to make in order to have money. I work a part time job in addition to being a full time student so I do not have much free time to spend with my family or friends. I am always busy babysitting or at work when I am not studying or doing homework. My money is my money and I am not going to just give million dollar companies all of the money I have worked hard for. That is why, just like my mother, I do my research prior to going shopping so that I do not spend extra money. I refuse to purchase any product full price because I know that each and every product is over priced to some degree and that I can find a better deal eventually if I am patient and wait. So I will wait until I find a coupon before I purchase a product. The word “need” is not in my vocabulary. I do not “need” any product right now. My life is not dependent on whether of not I have the latest of anything. I do not “need” the latest trends in my closet if it means paying full price. I wait it out, I do not let these companies spend my money for me, I will wait until the hype of a new product goes down and a coupon comes out. Our society is made up of selfishness. We live in a time where everyone wants it all and they want it now. Few people practice patience and self-control when it comes to shopping. American consumers are so obsessed with consuming the latest trends. One of my favorite financial experts, Dave Ramsey says it so very well, “we buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t’ like”.  This is America’s problem, but thankfully it is not mine. I am a frugal shopper. I practice patience. I am more interested in saving money than impressing people. I spend my free time finding coupons on websites and cutting them out of newspapers on Sunday mornings. I use coupons because there is a huge benefit. I am savings hundreds even thousands of dollars because of coupons. Coupons are a blessing to my checking account and me, I cannot express in words the financial relief coupons are in my life. So thank-you, for graciously provided me coupons each and every day. I will forever be crazy for coupons.

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