Coupons absolutely do not affect my purchasing decisions, and these are the reasons why:

First, I am not much of a shopper. I hardly ever go window shopping, and rarely buy anything on impulse. When I go shopping, that is because there are a few items that I need, and so when I shop, I already know what I am going to buy. Mostly, I shop for products that I need. What I am saying is that I don’t go look through windows and shelves for stores and say, “Hey, I like that. I’ll go buy it.” It’s the same idea with coupon clippings. I don’t look through them and say, “Hey, check that out! That’s pretty neat. Let’s go to the store with the coupon to buy it.”

Second, the time of need for a certain product varies, and that necessarily doesn’t match the time when any store makes available a coupon for those products. Essentially, what occurs is that I need to go to the store for something, but there usually isn’t a coupon available for it. By the time there are coupons for it, I no longer need it; I bought the product by then.

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