Coupons are a fundamental part of making purchasing decisions. When we buy food or computers or anything else, cost is a primary consideration. We all want the best product we can buy, but most often we’ll settle for a little less because we can’t afford something better. We also try to stretch our money and buy as much as our dollars will allow us. Coupons lower the prices of products like computers to the point where we don’t have to compromise quality for cost, and coupons help us stretch our dollars with delightful 2 for 1 specials and a wonderful array of various other deals on food and drinks.

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I know from growing up with my grandparents, one of the first things my grandma would say before we went to the store is “bring the coupons” that we would find in every Sunday paper. From deals on Gatorade and Frosted Flakes at FoodMaxx, to batteries at the 99cent store, we would always make sure we were getting the best deals, and coupons would confirm that. In fact, I don’t even know if there was anything my grandma would buy if we couldn’t get it on sale or with a coupon.

Fast forward 12 years, here I am in college and surviving on pop tarts from the vending machine and water from the fountains. If I find a coupon for cheap, healthy food, I am all over it and at that store within half-an-hour because man am I ready for more than pop tarts and water. There is also the issue of having sufficient paper and enough pencils for all the writing I need or flash drives or other random things I need for class. Coupons are always a factor. I have to ask myself “where can I get the best deal?” Coupons make that choice very easy for me because coupons are usually loaded with a great deal or discount that will ensure I can get the best bargin on whatever I need.

These days, I find it strange people don’t actively attempt to find coupons for everything. Coupons not only save you money, but they also help avoid impulse buying if you make coupons a normal part of your shopping experience, as you learn to not buy things unless you find a good deal. Coupons most definitely influence my purchasing decisions, and I believe everyone should learn to utilize coupons as an integral part of their purchasing life.