In my own personal opinion, I definitely think that coupons do influence my future and now thinking purchasing decisions. One reason why coupons influence my purchasing decisions is that why be stupid to pay full price for something, when you can pay a different, cheaper price? Think about it, coupons, even if at least 10% or cheaper, why waste that coupon when you can get something priced a lot cheaper than originally priced? I mean to me it seems pretty logical. When I see something in the store that is, “buy one get one half off “I don’t pass up that offer! To me, even if I’m paying $40 for a sweatshirt, atleast I guess the second one is half off! I really admire and love coupons. They, to me, are extremely helpful to buying and purchasing certain things. Living in a small town, (and I mean, small town, middle of nowhere Wyoming) things are much more expensive here than anywhere else. I love when I have companies I usually shop at send me coupons, because since living here is such a high price, whenever I shop online or shop at a mall, I usually wait until I get coupons on the mail or online. Coupons help me out in saving lots of money and really getting the bang for my buck. Personally, I really enjoy watching the coupon shows. If I lived in a bigger town, or bigger state to say the least, I would definitely want to get into doing couponing. I think the people on those shows, of course, take it to extreme. But I think to me it would be a great experience to learn how to professionally do couponing, and learning new things about the couponing and financial world. As someone who wants to own my own business, I think learning how to spend my money more wisely and learning how to save my money would definitely benefit me in the future and owning my own business. When you use coupons, you’re allowing yourself control over how much you are spending. If I can buy something, but I know that I could get a coupon and save some money, it’s pretty much like putting myself in the driver’s seat to success of saving my money and being wise with my finances. When my parents owned their restaurant, they used to always try to get as many coupons as they could find, or possible, before they bought any products or went shopping at any sort of store. This was beneficial to them because all they wanted to do was to save their money for a rainy day, and it definitely was beneficial to them! They always had some extra cash around just in case for if something ever bad happened, or to just splurge themselves. I after doing this essay, I think I will definitely look into doing more of couponing. I use coupons now, but not as much as I wish I did. This essay definitely opened my eyes to doing more of couponing, and how it will really save me more money in the long run.

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