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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Olivia F.

Would anybody like some free money? Of course you would. Almost everyone would like to be asked this and then be handed a whole stack of money. While the chances of this happening isn’t too probable, finding a coupon is. And isn’t that what a coupon is; the practical way of getting free money.

I love coupons and use them almost too much, if that’s even possible. I join membership and rewards clubs, I keep an eye out in magazines, or go on convenient websites like

When you have a coupon that makes the price of an item less that what it is, you don’t always feel as bad about spending it. I know that while the price may not be my ideal number, that relatively, it is a whole lot better, with the help of the coupon, than the actual original price. And that makes the extra effort of going on line or searching through a magazine worth it.

Now, not all my purchasing decisions are completely dependent on whether I have a coupon. After all, some things are necessities that are needed immediately, but coupons certainly tend to have a huge influence on my shopping decisions when I’m looking at “wants” or extras. Certain wants I may not get at all unless I am getting it for a lower cost with the help of a coupon. And perhaps other extras I may wait a few additional weeks until I find a coupon because I am not in dire need of it at the present moment and would rather not spend the outrageously high price it is listed as.

A good example is, if I have a coupon for 40% off the total order, you bet I’m going to get that extra shirt I’ve been eying for the past month. Or maybe more responsibly, when I’m out grocery shopping and I have a coupon for vitamins, instead of putting it off for 2 weeks till my next paycheck, I’ll use my coupon and live a little healthier sooner because of it.

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