Aw the coupon, a meticulous task to some but a golden ticket to others. We all receive the various magazines and emails filled with them yet, are coupons really worth all the trouble of printing and cutting? Or can we simply settle for paying for the manufactures over priced goods at the price given to us at check out?

If one must even momentarily debate the question then yes by all mean pull out that credit card and pay the billionaires of those companies what they’ve asked …you might as well throw in an extra buck for them supplying it for you right? Wrong! When it comes to the lovely world of shopping the only thing that should be debated is which place can I get it for less. For instance you go to the store for shampoo because you ran out and heaven forbid you leave the house tomorrow with imperfect hair, so you go out and you buy that shampoo, only to find the exact shampoo at a different store the next day for $3.00 cheaper with the stores coupon. It is at that moment that eye rolling and headaches begin. Yes, it happens to the best of us but that is the price we pay when we buy unprepared.

Whenever making any type of purchase, be it big or small, the ability of the individual to be well equipped will only profit that individual never cripple them. Most can relate to the inner victory that occurs when we do bring our coupon and do save that $3.00 and we checkout out feeling $1000.00 richer because why not, we just put three extra dollars back in our pocket. Furthermore, one cannot begin to describe the gain of self worth when large purchases are made and coupons assist in even larger discounts, then it feels almost criminal.

As a society we have been bestowed with the gift of coupons and yes they sometimes have to be printed and sometimes have to be cut but to pass up such a lifesaver is simply foolish. With coupons we are allowed to buy the same item the girl next to us is buying but for less and with what we save over time we’ll have better shoes than her as well, and everyone loves new shoes.

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Yet, now its not so simple because on top of buying shoes for ourselves, we have kids. So not only do we need new shoes our kids need new shoes and they are growing at such rapid rates that soon we will have to buy a sewing machine and Google how to build our own shoes because all our money went to the kids and their shoes. In todays constant increase in costs of merchandise how do we afford it all? Not only for ourselves but for our kids, husbands, dogs, neighbors, teachers, quite frankly everyone. The buying never stops we always have to buy, but we don’t always have to buy at full price.  By saving a few dollars with the miracles of life, also known as coupons, we are able to save big in the end. It is something that has been drilled to us since childhood “save, save, save” and now that we’ve grown to understand and appreciate the dollar, as we do our fine wine, we must finds tricks to assist us.

Many have not only learned to in cooperate the love of coupons into their lives but have grown to be incapable of buying without them. The reason being is why buy it now for full price when I can buy I now as well but for less. Coupons were created to save individuals money and if we are not willing to seek them out then we are also not worthy of the savings that come along with them. In todays times everyone is well aware of the economical hardships that are still present so using coupons helps to create small successes that add up to sizable savings, which are always welcome.