Coupons keep college students afloat, especially food coupons.  Almost every college student I know, including myself, looks at the coupons they receive in the mail and squeals at something being cheap.  My three roommates and I religiously look at the coupons to see what store has the best deals.  In a world of budgeting, college students need coupons.  They allow us to function and keep our bodies healthy. Without coupons, a lot of people might resort to buying the cheapest food, which usually happens to be junk food.

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When it comes down to it, coupons really do influence our purchasing decisions because it usually means that item will be cheaper than most other alternatives.  Before my roommates and I go grocery shopping, we look at the coupons.  If Safeway has better deals than Raley’s, we will go to Safeway to save our money, and if Raley’s has better deals we will go there.  When it comes down to it, we just want the most bang for our buck. My youngest roommate absolutely loves Oreos and milk.  She can’t have one without the other.  However, when the Oreos aren’t on sale, you can bet that there aren’t Oreos in our cabinet.  It’s a sacrifice she must make, but in her mind she’s better off waiting for the cookies to go on sale.  I am the same way.  I love cheese but I can’t afford to buy cheese that isn’t on sale every week.  Due to this, I buy cheeses from a variety of companies depending on if that particular brand is on sale.  No one company gets all of my money because that brand can’t be on sale seven days a week.

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College students depend on coupons to buy food every week.  Granted there will always be those that don’t need coupons, but every body can appreciate a good coupon.  I am willing to be that there are extreme couponers who can only buy groceries when they have coupons. In a time of financial ruin, every penny counts.  A few dollars can make a difference between having dinner or paying for school.  I have a couple friends that live paycheck to paycheck. They can’t afford to buy things that won’t help them in some way.  They have to budget almost everything they do in order to make rent, pay for school and have a hot meal when they come home. With coupons, they save money and can apply it to other pressing matters.

A world without coupons would be a sad world.  It would also be a world filled with poorly fed college students.  At least with coupons they can buy healthier food than they would get if they were forced to buy their meals from fast-food chains.  There have been countless stories of families having to live off fast food because they couldn’t afford to be groceries to make their own food. News outlets don’t cover the college students who have likely sunk to this level as well.

A popular response to not having money might be to get a job.  Parents, teachers, friends and family tell college students to get a job, but it is harder than they think.  First, a lot of jobs are reserved for people who are on work-study. Second, jobs can fill up in a matter of hours. One day the post is there and the next it’s down.  Third, those people tell students to get a job while still expecting them to succeed in their classes.  I have heard plenty of stories of people who get a job while in school and eventually drop out of school to keep the job.

If someone cannot balance school and work, they shouldn’t be forced to suffer. That’s why coupons exist.  It takes a little bit of stress off the person and allows them to focus on other aspects of his or her life.  Coupons help simplify what might be a hectic visit to the supermarket to an easy trip where one saves money.  As a result, coupons don’t only influence college students’ purchases, but they influence other aspects of their lives.