I have a confession as a guy I really do like to shop. More importantly, I love to save money when I shop. My closet is evidence of this fact. I have enough shirts that I could wear a different one every day and not wear the same one twice. I take pride in how I dress and look. The use and availability of online coupons has a positive influence on me shopping smart. I benefit from the savings given by companies who offer coupons. I do not have to run store to store trying to find the best deal in order to save money. By receiving email alerts and going over each coupon, I can shop more specific and that saves me time. This gives me power over my money and allows me to be more resourceful. I look for coupons prior to shopping to help me set my budget and gain wisdom to find the best overall savings. My decision to purchase an item is determined many times, by whether or not I have a coupon available for the item I want to buy.  If I want to buy a pair of new shoes for example, I will research what store offers the best coupon savings and the price is within my budget then I will buy them. Finding a coupon quickly and without too much stress making my choice of buying easier.

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An example of me saving by using online coupons is recently I was shopping for my nephew’s birthday gift. I was able to do research on the various products that offered coupons, compare each product, and restrain from making costly purchases. The coupon I used gave me options and information that I would not have otherwise been aware of prior to purchasing his gift. In the end, my nephew got several gifts. I was able to budget and afford a couple of gifts by me being a little thrifty.

I can be influenced into making a purchase by a specific coupon. Large discount coupons on jeans or shoes are my weakness. I will buy jeans from a company that are considered high end stores when a bigger discount coupon is offered rather than buying traditionally cheaper jeans at typical chains stores. I would rather have name brand than generic. Being able to buy expensive clothing at a discount makes me feel more empowered as a consumer. By using online coupons for hair, hygiene, and grooming, I can continue to look good while I save money. My mom taught me as a part of her shopping for groceries each week as a young child, that the use of coupons can help make her paycheck go further and provide us with a better quality of life. If you save a dollar here or there, it does add up. That is a concept I have kept with me throughout my teen years and plan on continuing during college. I intend on continuing the use of shopping with online coupons. As a college student, I will benefit greatly when buying furniture for my dorm as well as school supplies.  With college comes the need for more clothing and shoes. I plan to stay updated in how I dress. I will need to buy a pair of shoes for everyday use, gym class, and baseball all of which I will research and use coupons to purchase.

I believe with increased access to the internet other consumers like me will be able to have a positive experience with using online coupons not only for jeans and shoes, but also for groceries. We already use the internet to shop for the best deal on car insurance, health care, homes, and travel. Everyone likes to save money. I have found that since shopping with online coupons I have learned about many unknown or unfamiliar companies that have turned out to be a good shopping experience. If it had not been for the online coupons, I know I would have missed a good deal or new company who offers better quality products. I think that online coupons are good for consumers as they save us money and good for companies because they help introduce their products to us in a fresh modern way. I know that as I grow older online coupons will continue to be a positive part of my shopping experience.