One a day of shopping, I gravitate towards good prices, my necessities, and also think about how much this fun habit could break my pockets or not. With this particular worry, I depend on coupons. I believe coupons are a great influence on shopping decisions because they save money on must have items, help you try new products, at some situations they give you opportunities of free goods, save money, and make splurges more affordable. It can seem like a game of poker sometime in knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. In the game of couponing, playing your coupon at the right time can really save you money. If you match up an item on sale with a coupon, you can really increase your savings. Before I made my decision of using coupons to make purchases, I didn’t realize of how much I was missing until I saw how much my money was disappearing. With an income like mine and the total of amount of things I needed, it didn’t add up and my pockets were most likely being burned with the expenses. After a conversation with a friend about my complications of saving, she suggested the strategy of using coupons when it came to buying groceries, clothing, or any type of shopping. At first I hesitated because collecting coupons is a long duration of the process and cutting paper was not my forte, but then I realized my finances were at stake and I needed something to stabilize it. Although there are numerous of reasons on why coupons influence you to shop, saving money is the most valuable indicator. One day I put couponing to the test and it came out to be that it was really worth it.

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The three parts of the test was the math, the experiment, and the results. In the part of the math after a year of couponing, I calculated that I spend on average two hundred dollars a month on groceries and miscellaneous items. I usually go to any average store such as Walmart, Giant, Shoppers, local town malls, and etc. As being a college student, spending that much money in the shopping category was overwhelming since I have tuition bills, books, and school supplies to purchase on a monthly basis. So after spending fifteen to twenty hours a week of cutting and finding coupons of things I needed or what I thought would be a great savings deal, I took my coupons and money and put them to the test. I recorded weeks of how much I saved and I discovered that I saved a good amount of money with using coupons. Within my results, a college student on a budget saved over fifty dollars a month and my average total of spending declined to one-hundred to one-hundred and fifty a month depending on what I spent my money on. These results encouraged me to search for more coupons so that I can shop more with a mind frame of saving more money.

If you ask me if coupons influence you on your decisions of purchases, my verdict would be yes, it does. Based on my experiment and other validated data to prove this statement, it is true. I saved more money by using coupons than purchasing items without a coupon. I’ve had anxiety of temptation to go shopping more often and sometimes getting things just because it was a coupon for it. I’m on the lookout for weekly sales or holiday items such as thanksgiving cranberry sauce or a Christmas gift for your family. I am also more sensitive to what I buy. Since the late Charles William Post created the idea back in 1909 for coupon breakfast cereal so they can sell, more than two thousand consumer packaged goods companies offer coupons for discounts on products. Since the year of 2011, consumers of the United States saved over four billion dollars on goods and I am happy to be one of them.

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