My answer to this question “Do coupons influence your purchasing decisions? Why, or why not?” is yes. Coupons do influence my purchasing decisions. Whenever I go to a store and I have a coupon that I can use I enjoy shopping  without any fear that I will have to pay a lot of money at the end. I purchase from Macys only when I am with my sister because she has a Macys credit card with which she can use the coupons she gets. I have noticed many times that without using coupons I need to pay a lot of money.  Coupons give me the confidence to purchase whatever I like in a store.

A note from us at I’m In: you can save at Macy’s without a credit card using our coupons!

Actually if we think about getting coupon for our purchase is also a part of business. If we don’t have a coupon to use we will only purchase one or two things which we really need, but if there is a coupon in our bag which we can use for our purchase we will buy whatever we really need and as well as whatever we like even if we don’t need it. I am sure most of the people will agree with what I said. So basically coupon is a good source of increasing profit for a business because  the more they sell the more profit they get.  It also helps the business in attracting customers to purchase products of the company or brand which provides coupons to customers.

To think logically coupon is something which doesn’t really save our money but helps the businesses grow and gain profits. It is an easy way of fooling customers somehow like” buy one get one 50% off” if we need one item which is for example $ 5.00 we get two and pay $7.50 because we get influenced by the words ” buy one get one 50% off”. I don’t mean to say that we make a loss, but we don’t really make a profit either.  Offering coupons has became a fashion nowadays people get bombarded by the advertisements  like” buy one get one free, buy one get 2nd 50% off”, and etc.  Wherever we look at a store we will see words like this which catches  our attention.  It happens to me too that when I see something on sale or I have a coupon I spend a lot of money I keep buying without thinking that whether I need what I buy or I am influenced by the word “coupon”.

Coupons may help us only when we purchase what we need not what we don’t need or want. As I mentioned earlier that we keep buying because we think we have a coupon and if we use it, it will lower the total amount we are supposed to pay at the end of day at a store.  My suggestion is to think twice before we act and think that when and how to use the coupon.  Think that does it really going to save us money or we are wasting the money by purchasing stuff which we may not even need, but we buy it because we like it or our friend has the same thing.

I think the best idea is to spend wisely as we all know that earning money takes our whole entire life so we need to be careful in spending  that money . Think twice about our futures and our children or families before getting influenced by this one word” COUPON” or  words like” by one get one free, buy one get 2nd 50% off”. I don’t mean that we should stop purchasing but purchase wisely. It is impossible nowadays not to get bombarded or influenced by these advertising   words because entire world is full of advertisements which attract the most wise person too. Now that we are living in this world of technology we cannot escaped from advertisements and influencing word “COUPON” but we all have brain which is much more powerful than any word like that. Everyone should go shopping purchase whatever he likes or want but again I will say that use your brain.