Coupons do not influence me. At a grocery store sometimes special offers and discounts are presented to the consumer but then (and only then) will most people even consider the offer depending on the product and their monthly income. For example if the supplier is offering 100 free bananas for every 20 melons a person buys, that would be a tremendous amount of money spent and potassium consumed. If the consumer takes the opportunity and buys 20 melons just for the free bananas that person can be classified as impulsive or even gullible.

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Some may take the chance for free product but in reality it’s just marketing and either way the company gains mullah and the buyer gains only radiation and a guilty conscious. Coupons on the other hand do not affect me personally because of the uselessness of the idea. Yes the coupon does save the buyer money and maybe even time to pass by another super market and check prices but in the end (just like most things in life) money is being spent. I think that the main reason that coupons do not influence me is because I only get what I need: If I need one can of soup I will only get a can of soup and maybe a lollipop depending on my mood and location of market. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Maybe in the case that the buyer truly needs more for less such as a college student or a consumer who might not have the time to get groceries for another while perhaps these coupons are need in order to maintain life and perhaps that ramen you saw at wal-mart is more affordable that the cup-a-noodles you saw at a local neighborhood market and it truly matters how much cash the average American buyer spends on a meal. Every dollar counts and should be taken in consideration just like any other bill. Me? I find that coupons are quite suspicious in a way because there have been times where I stumble upon a coupon that offers a product for half price if and only if the buyer spends more than x2 the amount the product was originally sold for. For me coupons only offer the illusion of saving the average hard working consumer money and to that I accuse of treachery and I feel the painful feeling of distrust and disgust.

Just like everything else for every ying there is a yang. What I mean by that is for some, coupons are just sheets of paper BUT to others it’s the Holy Grail. Some consumers take couponing to an extreme and use it for every single little product that he or she buys. Yes in many cases the outcome is very positive but to those people couponing is life and life is couponing. For example (in reference to the show Extreme Couponing) a man goes grocery shopping and has literally and trash bag full (AND I MEAN FULL) of only coupons and what he did was compare the money he would’ve spent without the coupons to after he entered them. The amount of money he saved was enormous to the point where he had only spent less than 5 dollars on almost 100 items of groceries. I mean who does that?! Geniuses that’s who!

In conclusion as a personal opinion I think that coupons are obsolete and a little useless unless used in tremendous amounts such as my previous reference. I myself would not use them unless forced to by means of low monthly income and the slight possibility that some psychopathic man is treating me to use them or include them. As I said in my first point most of the time its companies taking our money in sneaky and creative different ways, and the only thing persuading them to continue is the average, honest, and innocent American.