With homecoming just around the corner I was in desperate need of a pair of heels to match my dress but I was on a budget. It was my goal to have the cutest shoes at homecoming. I decided to go to the local mall to look around and see what I could find. I looked inside of every store but none of the shoes caught my eyes quite like the pair I saw on display at Steve Madden, a pair of snakeskin platform pumps. I picked up one of the shoes and looked at the bottom to see what the price was and I instantly fell into a deep depression. They were $159.99. I asked the sales associate if there were any coupons that could help lower the price but she said there weren’t. Unfortunately, I had to walk out empty handed but I kept thinking about how perfect the shoes would look with my homecoming dress. My love for the shoes didn’t outweigh the consequences I would face if I spent retail price for them. I knew that if I splurged I wouldn’t have any money to put in my savings account which would eventually help me achieve my ultimate goal; move out of my parents house and pay off my student loans.

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As a college student, saving money can be difficult. It’s even worse if you’re a “shopaholic” like me. As a full time student with a part time job, I’m always looking for a great deal; paying retail price is never an option. Ever since high school I’ve considered myself thrifty but it wasn’t until college that my thriftiness took a drastic turnaround. I knew that I had priorities now and that it didn’t always include new Steve Madden shoes with a purse to match but instead included saving money, especially if the items are out of my budget.

In a utopian world everyone receives free education. Unfortunately this is not the case and students find themselves drenched in student loans including my two older brothers who have taught me the importance of saving money any way possible. Coming from a middle class family helped me learn that money wasn’t short but it didn’t grow on trees either. I remember numerous occasions when my mother sat down at the dinner table and collected different coupons before she went to the grocery store, which she always dragged me to. When I was younger I dreaded waiting while the cashier went through all of the coupons and I think the person behind us dreaded it just as much as I did, if not more. While in line I’d ask my mother for different candies hoping she would give in to my requests but she never did. She would buy a bigger bag and tell me that this would be cheaper in the long run. This helped me realize that everything I did had a direct effect on my future including small purchases and that buying in bulk was often the best use of a coupon.

Although I didn’t get to buy the shoes before homecoming, I was still able to buy the shoes a month later with the use of an online coupon, which made the shoes only $59.99. I could not resist the urge; the shoes were more than fifty percent off and my love for them stood strong. Coupons such as “Buy One Get One” or “Buy this save ten dollars on a future purchase” let my passion for fashion continue while meeting my budget.

I always look for coupons prior to shopping because of the benefits they hold. Coupons can get you free items and make items more affordable. I personally look for coupons because I know I have to use my money for other things including student loans and books. Using the coupons allows me to afford items I want and still have money left over for things that are more important. Coupons help maximize money and can be used for everything including groceries, restaurants, spa days, clothes, sporting events and the list goes on.  Coupons allow me to save money now on products I love and allow the money saved to accumulate in my bank account for the future.