Coupons defiantly influence my family’s decisions to purchase. Four generations of my family use coupons every single time they grocery shop, back-to-school shop, and clothes shop. I feel like coupons is an excuse to spend your money because you think you’re saving by spending less money. In the end, you’re still spending money. I don’t understand why it’s so influential to spend your money just because you have coupons. It gets to me, I use coupons every now and then, but it seems like I spend more money when I have coupons. Usually you can buy more with your coupons though.

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My grandmother and my mom look for and use coupons more than anyone I know. The only thing that would hinder from using the coupons is if they are expired or if they are too tired to go to the store. Personally, I think if they could pay bills and notes would coupons, they would. My family almost always has coupons at hand, just in case. Coupons are like a way of life. Without coupons there a lot of things would not be bought as much.