Although I have two summer jobs that I rely on to pay for whatever expenses come my way through the school year, I keep an old beer keg my dad gave me in my closet that I fill with extra change from my paycheck or that I find lying around my house. I look forward to the day every month or so that I get to go with my family to the Coinstar in Walmart to watch all that insignificant change become a reasonable dollar amount, something viable that I am able to use for future expenses. In a world where there are countless ways to make a purchase, there thankfully also seems to be even more ways to use a coupon, whether by code or by printing one out. Just as saving change pays off tens of hundreds of dollars in the future, so too does using coupons over a long period of time, whether on clothes or groceries, with patience, save a customer quite a bit of spending money to use on themselves. For this reason as well as many others, coupons greatly impact my everyday shopping decisions.

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As a shopper who loves to head straight to the sales rack, the ability to take an additional 20% off a purchase or whatever the deal may be, gets me more excited than I’d already be when I go out to shop. Whenever my family goes clothes shopping for a special occasion, we usually have our favorite few stores in the city we go to picked out. These stores, which include Kohl’s, Peebles, Burlington Coat Factory, and JCPenney’s, constantly have terrific sales even though they are not naturally cheap stores. Before going out to shop, I like to spend my morning looking through coupon websites for further printable coupons to bring my overall purchase down just a little bit more. Although the coupons I find online sometimes include deals on specifics in the store, like shoes or bags for example, I prefer the broader coupons covering the total of one’s purchase and look for those in particular. I love the feeling of being able to say I found a blouse that’s originally $60 on a sales rack for $10 with an additional $3 off because of a 30% off coupon. That day is a day well spent.

As much as I prefer clothes shopping, there’s always the end of the week grocery shopping that needs to be done. My family’s process in this matter is similar to the clothes shopping; we have the primary staples that we look for like bread, butter, oatmeal, and meat. Although the brand we buy is usually the store brand, if we find coupons online for more money off of a specific brand of the same product, we would print the coupon out right away. Although we hadn’t looked online for coupons off groceries before, in the past month or so we’ve gotten into it fairly well, just to save on a few extra nickels and dimes. In addition, if we find any exceptional coupons off foods we do not usually eat because of their expense (like Greek yogurt), we gladly print the coupon and indulge in our little treat.

           Whilst living in an economy as unpredictable and harsh as ours, it is nice to know that there is a way to save money as easy as printing out or cutting out coupons. Not only is there nothing shameful in the lifestyle, but it also doesn’t occupy much time out of one’s busy schedule. Personally, I am very grateful for coupons because of the way by which they make initially pricey products out of a person’s reach become accessible all of a sudden. Just as I am able to save on money with coupons and my dad’s old beer keg, so too do I hope that I will have saved up a good sum of money in scholarships by the end of the year.