As a college student I live for a good deal and as a newly reformed shopaholic I now understand the value of a coupon. I used to walk into the mall on a Saturday morning and practically jump out of my skin with excitement at the latest trends in the display case, which of course, wouldn’t be on sale for another few months! It took me a maxed out credit card to realize I needed to change my shopping habits, fast. This is where coupons entered my life and never left. I was home one Saturday watching TLC when ‘Extreme Couponing’ came onto my TV. I was amazed at how much money these people saved and still got everything they wanted. I went to my computer almost immediately and began to search for coupons to all my favorite stores. Coupons now get sent to me through e-mail, paper mail, and phone apps. Anytime I receive a coupon I save it and go to that store to use it because I most likely needed something from there anyway and I might as well save money in the process. Coupons greatly influence my shopping decisions because I would rather save money buying things than pay full price ever again.

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