“Yes! I have a coupon for that. Let’s get it!” How many times have you heard these words? Personally, this is said in my family quite often. Coupons do tend to have an affect on what is being purchased in my life. It isn’t a secret that prices have gone up, while the amount we are making has stayed the same and in some cases even decreased. In my family, my Dad does not have a job at the moment and with a family of five, we try to get a better deal whenever it is possible. If I have a coupon for a certain store, opposed to having to pay full price at another store for a similar product, then I will most likely chose the store in which I can get the better price. Most coupons offer a “buy one, get one” deal and therefore I will commonly buy more than usual, in hope that eventually I would end up buying it in the future anyway. For this reason, I don’t know how beneficial couponing really is but in most cases it tends to be helpful.

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Not only do they affect my retail and special purchases, coupons also play a role while grocery shopping in my family. This is actually the area of purchasing where we use coupons the most. My Mom will spend time on couponing apps to find deals and any way that she can save a couple dollars. We tend to go through a lot of food in my house and for that reason, we spend a significant amount of money at the grocery store. A couple minutes of scrolling through couponing apps or flipping through ads is definitely worth it when it comes to the amount we spend on a regular basis. We are more likely to buy a type of food that we may not always buy, if we have a coupon for it. Often, we overlook certain foods unless we have come with the intention to buy it, and already have a clipped coupon ready. With the overpriced food items, it seems pointless to purchase something that isn’t entirely needed when there are many others things more essential.

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A major example of when coupons affect me and probably many other people is on Black Friday. Shoppers spend hours and hours cutting coupons and comparing ads before this crazy day just to find the best deals. My personal experience with Black Friday has led me to notice that this day of the year is heavily determined by the coupons I can scrounge up. I don’t normally have an exact list of the gifts I am planning to buy for people, so if I can find a coupon for something that I think one of my family members or friends will like then I tend to buy it. I know that things will already be on sale during this time, so if I can get an even cheaper price then I’m definitely going to go for it!

Although I use coupons as regularly as I can, It is not that I completely determine my purchases based on coupons. I am probably less likely to feel guilty about a purchase if I have used a coupon, but even without one, I usually still buy the items that I want. It just makes sense to spend a little bit of my time to try and save some money. I wouldn’t consider myself poor nor rich but I think any intelligent person enjoys saving money when the opportunity is presented to them.

In conclusion, coupons do play a role in my decision for purchases, but I would not consider it the deciding factor. I may shift the my choice of store or the brand of product based on a coupon but if I feel that the product is something that I need, then the lack of coupons will not hinder my purchasing of that item. Coupons are useful and if I have one available, then why not use it? After all, who doesn’t enjoy saving money?