Coupons influence my buying decisions.  I would be more likely to buy something if there was a special deal for it.  A coupon is an advertisement therefore gives me the idea in the first place.  Also, I value money so I rarely shop for things that are full price anyway.  When there is a coupon to be used, a sense of satisfaction comes because of the knowledge that there is a steal on something bought.

Coupons are a type of advertisement and in this case, they work.  I am not one to go out and shop.  A coupon of an item gives me the awareness of whatever it may be.  That is the initial idea when I receive a deal.  I am more likely to buy something that’s advertised and if I get a deal.  For example, if a store was selling their sneakers for 30% off, and I received that out of nowhere, I may think that if I am getting a good price maybe I should check them out.

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I was taught to value money because of my home life and how I was brought up.  A coupon reassures me that I am being smart with my money.  I am more likely to buy an item at the store with a sale.  I try to buy nothing at full price because I know that somewhere else there are better deals.  As a buyer, a coupon would convince me that I am doing a smart thing with the money I’ve earned.  I start to enjoy my product more if it was on sale.  For example, I have a purse and when I use it I usually get compliments.  When I do I say “I used a coupon, $10!”, and all the sudden my purse becomes that much more adorable.

With that, coupons make me feel better in general.  When I think about how I got a steal, a good feeling comes upon me.  I know that I’ve worked hard for the money I have, and I need to make the most of every penny.  A coupon influences my decision because when I know I’m spending my money wisely then I feel responsibly and grateful.  That is important in life everything you do.  Choices are all around us every day and it is easy to make a choice that we regret.  While using a coupon or not using one may not seem like that much of an important choice but spending money foolishly can add up quickly and have major effects on a person.

Coupons influence my buying choice in a few different ways.  I would be more likely to buy an item if there was a coupon offered.  Advertising, money value and feel good after math all has a major effect on my shopping style.  Money is important and you must use it correctly.  Coupons help that process and I’m always on the lookout for a good steal.