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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Mayalen M.

Coupons are the ticket to saving money. Who doesn’t want to save money? Today coupons are accessible almost everywhere. From your morning newspaper to receipts you receive from your purchases at the store. Because technology is also advancing, people are now also able to access coupons with their phones. With time and effort, one can easily save with coupons. With plenty of opportunities to save, people are more inclined to do more shopping.

One enjoys saving money because that means that one has more money left in their pocket. It is always better to save money because you may be saving up for a house or a refrigerator. Coupons help you reach your goal because you buy items at reduced prices instead of the regular prices or you may get something for free.

Coupons that state that when you buy a product, you get another product for free motivate people to buy the product. Who doesn’t love free stuff?  The free item may even be something that you don’t need but that fact that you got it free satisfies you because you could always give it away or make use of it eventually. With free things or things that you got for a discount coupons, one could store up items. For example, the coupons that say buy five cans of carrots and save fifty percent. People are more willingly to purchase the five cans because they save. If one were to buy only one can, the price would be more. One may not need five cans of carrots but coupons influence people to buy more than they need.

Now people who constantly use coupons can store their goods. You start to stack up canned goods and nonperishable items. Once people begin to store more and more goods, they will want to see their collection grow and as a result, they will be on the lookout for more coupons.

People may also want to use coupons when they are looking to save on a particular item that they have been waiting to purchase. For instance, if a family needs to buy a microwave, then they will look for a discount coupon to save money. Who doesn’t want to save on home essentials?

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There was a show on the television known as Extreme Couponing. The show was about people who spend time searching for ways to save. Their goal is to save as much as they can. There are times when some of the people go to the cashier with a cart full of items then and they end up paying just a few cents. It’s incredible how these people manage to save so much. The show inspires people who watch to save by looking for coupons. By seeing other people who are capable of saving, one believes that one can do it too.

Extra discounts that are given as coupons on days like Black Friday also influence people to buy more because in most cases, the more you spend, the more you save. For example, if you only plan to spend thirty dollars but in the end you spend fifty because you were given a coupon at the front of the store that stated that for every fifty dollars you spend, you get ten dollars back. People will most likely be influenced to spend fifty dollars or more. There are also rare coupons that are given on this day that state that you get one hundred dollars off a combined one hundred dollar value. These coupons are incredible for saving because you are basically getting one hundred worth of things for free. You may have been planning to spend sixty dollars but instead, you get more items for free then you intended to buy in the first place.

Coupons do influence family decisions because you may get something for free or a discount on something you were or were not already going to buy.

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