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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Matthew B.

Coupons have become sort of a phenomenon as of late. With websites such as, groupon and numerous others, savings have been more available than ever before. Coupons can have a great affect on what we, as consumers, purchase. With coupons so readily available it almost seems ludicrous to buy anything at full price.

Coupons have been available, and used for many decades. They have been an influence on our parents, and even our grandparents. Like just about everything, coupons have been evolving with the times. Coupons used to be available in newspapers, magazines, and phonebooks. They were utilized by those observant enough and diligent enough to look for them. As time went on stores knew they could send out coupons more effectively. They began putting coupons in the store aisles themselves. I remember taking coupon after coupon off the roller at the grocery store just for amusement. In the past few years those have been disappearing off the shelves. Companies now rely on e-mails, ads on websites, third party websites like, and digital coupons, while also using the tried and true methods of coupon books, catalog coupons, and coupons found in magazines.

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Coupons have been engraved in my being from a young age when my job was organizing the coupon basket. Before we would go out for a day of shopping my mom would always be sure to grab the coupon basket. Before any haircut, even today, I am told to look for coupons. Lately, however I am told to look online. Websites like allow for incredible saving anywhere I shop. Nothing beats the feeling of finding a great bargain, in my opinion. Finding an item at full price and buying doesn’t give me the same feeling of accomplishment as when I find a discount, or use a coupon to lower the price.

Coupons do influence how I buy things. If I am at a store and see something I absolutely love I will want to buy it, but if I know I have a coupon at hope for ten percent off, I will leave the store and go home to grab the coupon.  The convenience of makes it even easier to get those coupons, instead of having to go search online, and inevitably ending up on a less-than-reputable website, I can get those coupons I love sent directly to my phone or computer through emails and texts, all I have to do is print them off. Before I go shopping I try to look for as many coupons as possible, it is just smart consumerism. Why spend $45 on a shirt when I can get it for $38 with a coupon. Coupons have even made me purchase something I am not necessarily looking for. If I see a coupon for 50% off a certain item that I like, but don’t necessarily need, or am looking for, I will still purchase it. It may be just too good of a deal to pass up. Always looking for a way to save money is a great idea for financial security and using coupons is an easy way to do it.

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I believe that using coupons is something one learns from their parents. Without my mom always using as many coupons as possible I do not think I would be as frugal in my purchases. I also think her usage of coupons has also made me use coupons, however if one is not brought up around coupons they may see it as more taboo, or something that only those of a lesser financial state use, this is far from true. Many millionaires, even billionaires are extremely frugal, just look at Warren Buffett. These super-wealthy often preach about how important being frugal is, and if I can do it by simply using a coupon, I know I am on the right track.

Coupons have been an influence on so many generations, and because they continue to evolve over time, they will continue to be prominent in future generations. Coupons are here to stay and will always influence the consumers of the world. and other similar entities just make it that much easier.

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