A note from us at I’m In:  You’ll see that Mary likes to save at stores like Target.  You’ll find great promo codes to save at Target just like she does!

I believe that coupons are a great way to save money. Everyone could use a little extra money and coupons are a great way to make your money go a long way. Now days with digital coupons, people don’t even have to worry about all the clipping and paper if they don’t not want to. Coupons are so great they even show you how to used them on reality tv shows. I believe couponing is a necessity for every medium income household in America.

I believe couponing is a good thing to show people even kids from early in age. Is an easy, fast way to save money or even get things for free. I would say that 98% of the people that I talk to know how to coupon. The other 2% know how but are to lazy, don’t care or are embarrassed to used the coupons. My sister is in that bracket. She could do with a little more money saving each month. She goes to a warehouse, BJ club house to be exact, where they have coupon books right at the door for people to use. They even send you a big book of coupons to use when  you go and you can save tons in my opinion if you remember to bring your coupons. Every time I go I see people with their coupon books out like me. But my sister is too proud to admit that she needs or wants to save money. I love couponing. I get a rush from it. I am not an extreme couponed expert like on the t.v. but I do use all my coupons when I need.

I really like stores like Publix, and Target, as they have digital coupons. Then stores like those they have their coupons and they also accept the coupons of the manufactures and that is double the savings. So for example, if  Publix have my son’s snack crackers on sale at $3.99 and they are buy one get one free that means I get two for $3.99 and I have two coupons for $1.00 dollar off each product, that means the final product for two was only $1.99. If Publix happens to have an extra $.50 or $1.00 each then the product would be free. And just like that there are tons of coupons for make-up, juice, and other food items.

I really learn a lot about couponing in the t.v. reality show extreme couponed. Thought I am not going to go digging in the garbage for coupons I buy the paper and ask my neighbors for their coupons whey they do not want them. I learn some really good information from this programmed and I believe everyone can too. Being a single mother of three, I need help to make my money count. I believe everyone can benefit from watching this show. Some people may think that the couponers are just wanting to stuff they freezer with food and junk, but I do not but any thing that I don’t need.

I think you can coupon and don’t take it to the extreme. One does not need to have a garage fringe stuff full of things. One can just stock up on some non perishable foods, or do as someone in the programmed did, buy a load to donate it to over seas soldiers. I would never buy all the junk food and fill my garage with some of the things the couponers in the programmed did, but I would def buy things like toilet paper, paper towel, dish soap, laundry soap. Things that are not going to go bad. I would continue to buy the food like how I know how to buy with the buy one get one free and with coupon. I love couponing, I love saving money and I am going to keep doing it even if I were to win the lotto.