A few years ago, I was intrigued by a show on TLC that showed people around the country who clip coupons in mass supply and use the coupons to purchase hundreds of dollars in groceries for pennies.  I am not good at math, but I love to save money anywhere I can.  This show inspired me to try to figure out the magic of this practice.  I began to collect coupons from anyone who received the Sunday paper, and from printable online coupon sources.  Unfortunately, many of the coupons that are available to consumers do not discount the food that my family typically purchases.  However, I decided to buy some of the discounted options to see just how cheap I could make the grocery bill.  I reasoned that my family could try new foods (maybe we would like them), or, we could donate the food that we were not going to eat.  I tried this game for a while, and turned out to be unsuccessful, and I eventually gave up.  The savings were small and not worth the hours of coupon clipping, store add monitoring, math equating, and shopping at 4 different stores every week.  Now, when I need to go grocery shopping I do not look for coupons before, nor is my purchasing influenced by coupons.  I shop for what I need, and only what I need.  I buy mostly produce and things with a short shelf life.  Now I have the food I want, and food I will eat.  There is no extra food that I might eat laying around for months, only to be forgotten about and then thrown out because it expired or I decide that I really do not want it.  I think that by only buying what I need and not buying what is available to me discounted by coupons saves me more money than buying with coupons could.

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