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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Marisela S.

College students are forced to grow up very quickly and learn how to become adults when their parents send them off to college. Some responsibilities as an adult include going grocery shopping. Personally, I have always done the grocery shopping for my household because, my mother was always busy working to provide for the household by herself. I learned at a very young age to bargain and try to get as much as I could for the little money we had to spend on groceries every week. I never knew much about coupons and how they worked until I started watching Extreme Couponing on TLC. I saw these regular people just like me use coupons to save them thousands of dollars on groceries per year. I began to research and clip coupons but those days of couponing slowly faded away.

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I enjoyed couponing very much but it was time consuming with clipping the coupons and matching it with the product at a certain store to get the lowest price. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to clip the coupons or travel to multiple stores just to find a good deal. I also noticed that when I did my grocery shopping before, purchasing mostly generic brands I was spending the same or sometimes even less than I did when I used coupons. Generic brands do not have coupons but they are usually cheaper or about the same as a name brand product with a coupon discount. So I thought to myself, why waste time clipping and traveling to different stores when I can just buy the generic brands like I used too.

Now, coupons do not influence my decisions when purchasing groceries because, of the difference I found in purchasing generic and name brand products. The thrill of using coupons and seeing all the dollars and cents come off of your grocery bill is liberating. I love the feeling of saving money but, I think I feel even better when I can save both money and time. Saving money can be both using coupons and buying generic brands. Saving time on not having to clip coupons and travel to multiple stores is also a good thing when you are always busy with work or school. I actually wish I could have more time and learn how to use coupons the way the people on Extreme Couponing do. Imagine if every could save money like that we would be rich and the grocery stores would be empty.

Coupons are a great thing and I think retail coupons have a stronger influence on making a purchase than grocery coupons. I believe retail coupons hold a higher value and can really sway one’s decision on purchasing a new pair of pants when they don’t really need them. Using a coupon before its expiration date is a huge factor that plays into making a purchase. I always have to ask myself, “Would you let this good deal pass you by?” It’s always a debate in whether or not to spend that little extra cash you have on hand in order to get a god deal before it ends. It is a race against the clock and your bank account.

There are now tons of apps and websites that make finding coupons easier. Clipping coupons from your standard newspaper is becoming unpopular. These couponing websites allow you to print the coupons listed in newspapers from your computer at home. The new apps on smartphones provide coupons that don’t even have to printed and can be scanned directly from your phone by the cashier for instant savings on your purchase. Making the decision on purchasing an item is hard in itself. Trying to decide whether or not you have sufficient funds to make that purchase is a common factor in making that decision. It is exciting to see how technology has evolved and make our lives so much easier but I think is still a decision that you must make yourself whether a coupon will affect your decision to make a purchase. Will coupons and their expiration dates peer pressure you into making a purchase?

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