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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Marilyn H.

“I pay full price for nothing.” My friends and I often joke about how we have no money, there is nothing we need badly enough that we can’t wait until it goes on sale or we have a coupon for it. As a college student I am always looking out for the best deal, how I can save the most money while still maintaining quality product selection. Just because I do not have excess money to be spent on groceries or necessities for life, does not mean I can just not purchase those items. I still have to find a way to buy the products I need somehow, and this is where coupons come into importance. Throughout my life I do not think my family has ever bought groceries without looking over the weekly sales paper first. Now we have never been on the “TLC Extreme Couponing” show, we are not even close to that intense with finding our cheap deals. But we do our research, especially on big purchases, if we are thinking of spending a large amount of money we look into all of our options and determine the best financial decision.

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There is the “bing” of a new email, the glopping of the mailman’s boots as he delivers the new coupon magazines, and all the flyers stacked up on the table as you enter the store, these are all examples of ways people feel the impulse to make a purchase.  People feel that, since they will be saving money with this coupon, they can go ahead and spend more upfront. So the store ends up always coming out on top because of the games they are able to cause the customer to play. I have experience in this field, when I receive a coupon in the mail I immediately begin thinking of what I can buy next with the money I about to save. I love Kohl’s, I purchase the majority of my clothing from this store and know all of their little inside tricks on how to get the most for your money. I receive the Kohl’s cash and get the feeling that I have to go find the perfect new whatever it is I think I am going to need now. So the coupon has won again, I went and spend money I do not need to spend on something I probably do not need just because I have a coupon for it. Coupons get you to feel you have more money to spend than you do in reality, and then you go to find your newest treasure.

Coupons affect my decisions in two sorts ways, one in the sense that when I receive a coupon I feel the desire, or need, that I must spend it and also that I will in some way be saving more money with that coupon then I truly do in reality. Coupons also affect my decisions when I am purchasing my average groceries, when I walk into a store, I immediately begin looking at the individual items I am planning on purchasing and comparing prices. I will compare the price amount per ounce to determine the best usage of my money. I do not mind spending a little extra money up front when I know that in the long run I am actually saving because the produce will last me a longer amount of time.

So yes, coupons do have a large impact in my life as a college student and influences most all of my money making decisions. There are not many free things in life, everyone must work hard and try their best to earn everything they have. Once I have worked to earn what I have I must maintain the money I do have and determine the best ways to handle, how to spend what I have worked so hard for and what to spend the money on.

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