Oh yes! Coupons definitely influence my purchasing decisions… After all; college students are most likely broke I would say. If the person is in college seeking a degree and knowing that on a near future he/she has to pay for all the students’ loans or any other kind of debt, saving money is extremely helpful. And that is my case. After completing my undergraduate degree, I worked for a couple of years before starting my graduate degree and I felt what it means to earn money and how hard one has to work in order to pay all the bills and achieve financial stability. With the help of some funding, I was able to start my master degree, but every cent that I spend will have to be returned and if I am able to make my money “stretch” I will do it no matter what.

Using coupons is a smart and simple way to value your money. Some people think that is just about being cheap, well that is for sure a big part of it, but not everything. It is about being smart and conscious. Watching TV shows about couponing and articles on how people are able to save simply by using coupons was what trigger my interest to use coupons. Knowing that some people were able to save thousands of dollars each year on groceries (among other things) made me feel a little stupid in a sense that I it got me thinking “ Why am I still paying a lot of money each month when I could actually be saving at least part of it?”. That triggered a change in my attitude; it was time to learn about coupon deals and how to benefit from it as well. Simple attitudes can go a long way and coupons are available for everyone and in a lot of cases it is free. Coupons do not discriminate: everyone is welcome to use it anytime! Yes, clipping coupons is not the most fun, but to go on a shopping trip and being able to save 10,20,30…100 dollars is extremely rewarding and it is worth the time dedicated to clipping them! When I am able to save, I get the feeling of mission accomplished and I love it!

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Normally students live in a budget, and if a student is able to make that budget last longer, why not go for it? Everything counts, if I am able to save money on groceries, it means that I might be able to go away for a fun weekend with my friends just because of that! That is unquestionably worth it! As students and consumers we must be smart and benefit from what is given as an opportunity to save for us. For me, there are only a couple down parts of coupons. First, sometimes you have to bundle a lot of products, and when living alone a lot of products could go to waste and I do not like that. I rather not use the coupon when that is the case, it is important to be conscious about the environment. Secondly, there are not that many healthy products coupons, which I wish there were.

Besides that, clipping coupons strengthens my organizations and planning kills and that is extremely valuable in the business world. Putting together the shopping list, looking for coupons and planning ahead for future needs is an important learning experience, one that can later on be applied to any job or function. What corporation does not like employees that are organized and able to plan wisely and by doing that becoming more productive, efficient and effective? The answer is every single company values this. It is a skill that will be in my favor no matter what. Being mindful about earning and saving money is part of growing up; the sooner one is able to learn that the better, because the relationship to money can go to another level.