Coupons have a huge influence on my purchasing decisions. I rarely buy anything (besides essentials) that are neither on sale nor have discounts or coupons and if there is a really good deal on something that I even vaguely want, I am far more tempted to buy it. I almost always end up buying things that I really want that have huge discounts from coupons or sales. Coupons tend to offer better discounts than regular or special event sales and I usually look up the price history of the more expensive items that I desire. I love saving money and I despise wasting it but sometimes I buy things I would not have otherwise bought if I find a good coupon on them, which some people might consider wasteful but honestly as long as what I buy is affordable, discounted, and most important useful and desirable, I will find that purchasing them is well worth it. I love checking my email for good coupons on a wide variety of products but usually I only make online purchases through Amazon and NewEgg that give me sizable discounts either through emailed coupons or limited time offers on goods that I already wanted or needed. For instance, I bought a brand new 240GB Solid State Drive on Black Friday this year because I received a coupon in my email from Amazon and I ended up paying less than $80 after tax (and Solid State Drives usually cost $1 per GB, so I saved 67%).

I also love checking the mail for coupons and advertisements for groceries. Coupons are the only way that I can afford the healthy and gourmet food available at Metropolitan Market. I often clip coupons and go shopping with my mother or grandmother at supermarkets, hypermarkets, and wholesalers to save even more. Sometimes I find coupons that offer such great discounts, that I purchase the maximum possible with that coupon, such as when I bought half-a-dozen cans of beans for $0.50 each; I kept 4 for myself and donated 2 to a food drive and that still ended up costing less than 2 cans of beans that were not on sale. I love cooking and I cook for myself, my father, and my sister either alone or with help from my sister. I often go grocery shopping for the ingredients and look for coupons in the mail and Internet then comparing prices online between the nearby grocers. I even use coupons to buy books, usually cookbooks.

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I often make decisions whether to dine out and where to go based off coupons. A good coupon for buy one dinner entrée, get another free is a strong motivator for eating out at that restaurant. Many restaurants are outside of the price range of many potential customers without coupons. Coupons help entice them to try a new meal outside their regular budget and possibly even outside the range of flavors they are used to.

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I love saving money so much that I pass on those savings by collecting Box Tops for Education and donating canned food to food drives. Public school was very beneficial for me and my little cousin is going through elementary school right now. By giving Box Tops and Labels for Education to her school, I help support her education and her future. Food drives also help many less fortunate families so I believe that donating to them, especially with canned goods bought with coupons, is always a good idea.

I even try to encourage my less thrifty friends and family members to save money by coupon-clipping and giving them the coupons I believe to be useful for them. It makes me feel good to see them save money thanks to me and be able to afford a higher quality of life. I admit that sometimes, my couponing can annoy some of my family members because I am so passionate about it. In today’s day and age, when income to expense ratios are very tight, coupons can help increase quality of life without debt.