My parents have never really used coupons. When I would stay with my aunt, however, she always used them. I often would wonder, “Who really saves the most money?” Obviously, one would think the coupon user saves the most money, but this may not always be the case in all circumstances.

Coupons are always for name-brand products. This means you are saving on a more expensive product. If you would normally get that brand, it is acceptable. but what if you could get a store brand product for a cheaper price (even after the coupon), and still get comparable quality? That would constitute a better deal.

Furthermore, many coupons tend to be restrictive in size or quantity, leaving you to buy the rest at full price. Meanwhile, many other coupons require a shopper to buy more than he otherwise would, either in quantity or simply in size. Larger packages already tend to be a better deal, but the costumer could be spending more than normal, or even worse, some food products may spoil before he gets around to using all of them.

I have always held in my mind that coupons are a manufacturer conspiracy to make more money by appearing cheaper. After all, someone has to lose money on a deal, and I doubt it is the manufacturer. However, I do believe coupons can have benefits. Primarily this would be on products I would have gotten regardless, or if such coupons allow me a chance to purchase higher quality products for less than the store brand.

Therefore, I do search for coupons, yes, but only use the ones that happen to fit my needs. I absolutely refuse to purchase any more or less than I initially would have just because of coupon limitations. I might purchase a slightly different product, mostly the difference in brands, but otherwise coupons have very little bearing on my purchases, despite being so useful.

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