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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Madison V.

Hi, I’m Madison Volpert and I wanted to share my connection with coupons! Well my mother has always been into saving a buck or two here and there! She goes through adds and adds of different store memorizing each deal, then she pulls out her massive binder of coupons to match the sale products. We at times stockpile certain products at a time. At one time, we had over two hundred Green Giant products in my freezer! And it wouldn’t surprise me if I went into my parents room and found cereal boxes stacked up because we have no where else to but them. Some people think using coupons in embarrassing, but coupons allow my family not to worry about the growing prices of groceries. Instead of groceries, over the years my family has been fortunate enough to put me and my brothers through competitive sports and supported our every need! So to answer the question, yes coupons influence my purchasing decisions! If we don’t have a coupon or it doesn’t offer a percentage off then my family doesn’t buy it.

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