Coupons make life so much easier when it comes to shopping for groceries or any kind of personal desires. They make a huge impact on how much money we spend everyday and influence greatly on purchasing decisions. I believe without coupons, many americans would be in great debt and would never think about how much money they waste everyday, until they take a look at their bills and bank accounts. Not many of the people in the United States realize how simple it could be to cut out and sort coupons before going shopping. There are coupons printed for everyday items we by all the time. They are not hard to find because most coupons are right in front of us. Whether we are reading the newspaper or online, they are not hard to miss. The only difficult thing about couponing is sorting them and staying organized, otherwise we, the american people should have no problem with using coupons to make lives cheaper.

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Coupons definitely have taken a huge roll in my own life because my mother is an extreme couponer and she has taught me her secret ways of saving money. While most people are probably spending hundreds of dollars in groceries every month, we have learned to save half of that money simply by using coupons. There are so many advantages of couponing that people do not realize because they are so caught up in their lives. People are missing out on the chance to simplify their spending because of that. Most of my life, I didn’t even realize these things, until my mom took up the hobby. Now coupning is not just a decision, it’s a way of life!

The main and most obvious advantage of couponing is saving money. No one truely understands the joy of saving money, until they use coupons and look at the bill at the end of a purchase to see how much was saved. That is one of the best feelings because then there is money that can be used on other things or saved for next time you decide to purchase grociers, clothes, or anything a person feels like buying. The only thing to remember is that if someone wants to save a lot of money they will use their coupons on items arready on sale!

The great thing about couponing is not only the money, but the stock piles. My home is filled with an endless supply of home goods and food items, that worrying about running out of anything will never be a problem.  A stock pile is formed when a person constantly uses coupons for things that they know they will run out on or even on items that they might use in the future. Staying on track with a stock pile can leave you with a lifetime of supplies.

The best thing that comes out of using coupons is that the money saved can be used in the future for a new home or on future schooling. It may sound silly that the thought of using coupons could help with college, but it does! The money saved can be put away in the bank or a person can use a stock pile to get themselves through college without running out of supplies. Many people, including myself, will gather up all the coupons that can be found and aim for a spending goal. Walking into the store with a limited amount of money, many coupons and a positive mindset on what you want to spend, can help achieve the goal of buying as many items as you can for a cheap price.

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Coupons definitely influence the money spent and a person’s purchasing decisions. They make you realize how cheap things can cost in the store and how much you can buy for a lower price. Buying items for full price is a foolish thing to do, especially now that we all know it can be bought cheaper. Coupons are obviously the best choice when it comes to shopping. So now you know- Couponing is a way of life.