Coupons most definitely influence my purchasing decisions. Not only do they save me money, but they introduce me to brands, products, and services that shape my present and future purchases.

Because coupons offer deals, I am more likely to purchase from the company the coupon is for. This is true whether or not I am familiar with the company. Of course, if it is for a company I like or regularly purchase from, I will have more reason to buy from them. However, I am more likely to purchase from the company on the coupon, even when I am not familiar with the company. For example, I had never even considered going to the store Kohl’s until I had a coupon. I went and have been a regular customer since. If I had never gotten a coupon, I would never have gone there.

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Additionally, I am also more likely to purchase from the company the coupon is for, even if it is for a product or service I am initially not even considering. I sometimes find coupons for things I don’t necessarily need, but I become interested because of the deals. For example, I drink almond milk because I had gotten a coupon for it. I had no need or interest in trying almond milk, but since I found a coupon, I decided to try it. Sometimes I find coupons for different types of food at restaurants and end up trying these restaurants – in many cases, I end up being a regular. So coupons definitely introduce me to new things, meaning I end up being a consumer to things I hadn’t been before or even considered of being.

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However, while coupons may give me positive purchasing experiences, they may introduce me to companies that may turn me off, thus influencing my purchasing decisions in the future. If I get a coupon for a company, go out and purchase from that company, and am disappointed with my purchase, I will probably never buy from that company again, which will open me up to other companies. The more companies I am introduced to, the more selective I am with my purchasing decisions.

I believe coupons are a great way to influence consumers with purchases from unfamiliar companies, because it gives a lot of freedom, flexibility, and even power to the consumers. There is no promise to the consumers, and companies are not advertising or claiming themselves to be something in order to sell to the consumers. The consumers determine first-hand what to make of the company, with more or less neutral expectations. From my own experience, with coupons I go in with an open mind and no real expectations. That way, whatever opinion of I have of the company is based solely on my personal experience with the purchase.

Personally, most of my purchasing decisions are based on coupons. Most of the companies I am regular consumers and customers of were those I had originally had coupons for. This is especially true for services that I would normally not pay a lot for. For example, I had a coupon for a haircut a month ago. I went and loved the service. The normal price is $35, which I find too expensive. However, because I was very pleased with the service, I will be a regular client and pay the normal fee. Contrary to the popular belief that coupons are for sub-standard services and products, I find most of the coupons I get and use introduce me to quality services and products, often higher than what I’d normally find.

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Coupons are a very powerful purchasing tool, influencing me in many ways that benefit me. They are definitely useful for consumers who are not very particular but are even more useful for those who are particular and more selective, such as myself. This benefits those of us in a number of ways.

We are more informed and, because of our experience and exposure to different options, I believe we are more likely to be happy with our purchases and choices. I know have been happier with my purchasing choices, and I actually have coupons to thank for that.