Within the scope of the nature of all of humankind one can find the much too prevalent tendency to do absolutely anything and everything possible, and in some cases of varying intensity and credibility, impossible, in order to accomplish the one universal goal: the saving of money.  Currency. Cash.Dollars. Dough. The root of all evil. The goal of all super villains and politicians. The desire for and maintaining of a large bank account at this point encompasses the American Dream, not to mention the pursuit of happiness. Therefore, saving money has become something of a national pastime, akin to baseball and fireworks on the fourth of July.

This means something different for each individual, whether it come down to turning off and disconnecting electronic devices such as televisions when not in use, or riding a road bicycle instead of spending money on gas. Sure, he or she will be half an hour late to work, but at least they avoided spending three dollars and ninety three cents per gallon. Therefore, coupons are to humans what Willy Wonka’s Golden Tickets were to the children of Roald Dahl’s famous novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Elements of pure and unadulterated joy. When a person gets ahold of said coupon, even if he or she had absolutely no intention whatsoever of purchasing whatever arbitrary item that coupon would give them 10% off for, the coupon provider can rest assured that that coupon shall be used at some time or another. It is for that reason that coupons definitely influence purchasing decisions more than they actually should, in ways both expected as well as unexpected, due to the sometimes false notion of saving money. The mere concept of saving money has people so enthralled that they shall waste money on purchases that are both unnecessary and unforeseen simply because they have a coupon for that.

“Wow, I can save five percent off of a brand name toaster oven with this coupon here! What an extraordinary deal! Honey, you need to get rid of our old toaster right now, I found this one that we can save money on.” Irrational? Of course. Inexplicable? Most definitely. However, it is irrational and inexplicable only due to the unfortunate fact that you and I are not currently holding that toaster oven coupon in our hands while staring at the sacred toaster. If we were, we very well would be strongly tempted to purchase that kitchen appliance. “Buy one gallon of milk, get one free!? Sure, we have three gallons at home, sweetheart, but how can you expect me to pass up this amazing opportunity?”

This happens nearly daily all across the inhabited parts of Earth. In addition to influencing purchasing decisions by causing these types of people, the type I consider myself to be, to buy items they would never even have purchased had it been at full price, acquiring a coupon on an item they had already intended to purchase without it becomes a true cause for celebration. Not only will they rejoice at their great and unbelievable luck and purchase said item or items, but they shall in most cases, actually purchase more than they had initially planned due to the mere fact that they had already spent less than originally expected on the original purchase. “Oh, sugar, that Willy Wonka chocolate bar looks amazing! What!? We have a twenty five percent off coupon for that Willy Wonka chocolate bar? Scrumdiddlyumptious! I say we get three!”

Another ingenious method that coupons cause increased purchases is through the children. Astute children will be able to successfully convince unwilling mothers to purchase unnecessary items simply with the magic words, “But, mom, we have a coupon!” If the item is not purchased within two days the child lied about having the coupon. So, in reality, by using coupons, most people end up spending more money and purchasing more than they would ever have without the coupon because of the sense that they are being smart and cheating the system with their Golden Tickets.

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