Coupons are a great source to use when shopping, whether it’s at a grocery store or a mall. Coupons can help families save so much money while shopping and the money saved can be used for other things for you. Also, you can buy many new products with coupons because it can offer you the new product for a lot cheaper. Many coupons can also give you great saving deals such as “buy one get one free” , or even “buy 2 and get the third half off.” Coupons can even help you stock up on items you may use so you wont need to buy them for a while.   I believe that coupons influence my purchasing decisions because I love the fact that you can shop wherever you like and not spend as much when you use a coupon.

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Whenever I’m at a grocery store with my mom or my grandmother, both ladies use coupons to help save extra money. It amazes me how when they receive a receipt, it shows how much money they saved from using coupons. Sometimes using the coupons can save as little as 25 cents and then to as large as $100. My mother and my grandmother grocery use to grocery shop ALL THE TIME and use up all their money on expensive products but once they discovered how effective and reliable shopping with coupons was, they started a new shopping adventure as coupons being their one way ticket to the stores.

While talking to my mom about coupons I asked, :why are coupons important to you?
Her response was, “ I use them because I can buy more items for our house and family and save a ton more of money to use on other things”

I love using coupons when I shop at malls or retail stores. During times when I need to go season shopping for clothes, I always look in papers or magazines to find coupons that give good deals at stores. When I shop for myself, I use coupons to help me save my own money and then use the money saved for more important things like school supplies and books since I am a high school student. Coupons are great to use at restaurants as well because instead of spending so much money on food you can cook at home, there are coupons that offer “ buy one meal, get 2nd meal half off” or “Buy 2 meals, get 3rd meal free”  . Since I love food, I always love finding coupons that can give me a great deal to feed me without the extra expensive costs.

Coupons can help both large families and small families save a ton of money and stock up n items for their homes. Coupons are great to use for everyone no matter the age or gender. I am 17 and started using coupons the beginning of my senior year because it helped me save money and since I wasn’t working during my school year ( just the summer ) the money I made lasted for awhile and I didn’t have to run to my parents to borrow money. Honestly, it feels really good to spend your own money and while spending it, you know you are saving money for future purchases as well. I wish more teenagers my age can see how awesome it is to use coupons instead of spending so much money of items.

Overall, coupons have influenced my purchasing decisions. Using coupons had made me become more of a responsible shopper and I am proud of that.  Coupons can help so much in purchasing products and are a definitely a reliable source to use when shopping. You can use coupons at grocery stores, malls, restaurants and so many other places as well.  My family and I are coupon lovers and will always use coupons to save money for as long as we need to.