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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Lauren M.

Coupons are available from a variety of sources. They can be obtained from local newspapers and even directly from the retailers themselves. These coupons can range from “buy one, get one free” to receiving a certain percentage of an item or your entire purchase. The question remains: do coupons actually have an effect on the purchases we, as consumers, make?  Yes, seems to be the obvious answer to this question.

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On how many occasions have you been standing in line at the supermarket and the customer in front of you causes the line to back up because they are rummaging through their pocket book looking for the coupons for the items the cashier has just scanned. Many of us, when put in this situation, find it as an inconvenience and often get frustrated. However, the individual who has the coupons are most likely trying to save money wherever they can. This is the main reason that individuals take time to dig through the sales papers to find coupons on the things that they use the most is to save money. The fifty cents off here and the dollar off there can add up over a period of time and can be put toward paying other expenses. People enjoy the feeling of getting deals on the things that they know they will use most often.

Another reason why coupons affect the purchases that we make is because we feel that they allow us to buy the things that we would normally consider a luxury is that much easier to afford. New clothes are commonly put in this category. Signs that say “50% off” are often surrounded by eager customers wanting to receive the “best bang for their buck.” These sales allow the consumer to think that they are receiving the product for a much better price.

Personally, I do not solely base the decisions of my purchases on whether or not I have a coupon for those items. However, coupons do play a role in what I choose to purchase. If I have a coupon that allows me to buy a product with a discount I am more likely to make that purchase. When I catch an item on sale or have a coupon that allows me to take even a few cents off, I know that I am saving myself money that can be used for future purchases.

On the other hand, not having a coupon does not completely change my mind on whether or not I will make a purchase. I do not believe that I am the only individual that will make purchases solely on the fact of whether or not I have a coupon in my possession. There are some items that are a necessity and must be purchased with or without a coupon. There are those items that are purchased out of complete impulse and in this case there will be no coupon readily available to the customer. But the impulse of the purchase is not altered; the item is still purchased and the thought of coupon never crosses the customer’s mind.

Coupons play a major role in the purchases customers, like me, make on a daily basis. In some ways they can be the tipping point on whether or not an item is going to be purchased or not. Coupons are also a major way that customers save money and can purchase more than one of the same product for a lesser price.

In conclusion, I would say that from my personal shopping experience that coupons do play a role in the purchases that I make. They allow me to save money while purchasing products that I need. However, they do not play an overwhelming role in my purchases and are often not the tipping point in my decision on whether or not to purchase a specific item. They act as more of a guideline in my shopping trips to help me make smarter decisions and look for better prices on products that I need.

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