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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Laura M.

As a college coupons do influence my purchasing decisions, because using coupons allows me save money. As well as allowing me to stick to a budget. As a college student sticking to a budget is important along as couponing because it is one of the few ways that college students to get the most for their money.

By using coupons and looking at grocery store ads I am able to determine what I need to buy and when.   This combination of looking at both coupons and sale ads allows me to only buy the things that I need when it is on sale to save money, and using coupons when making that purchase I am able to save even more money.  By using coupons to by the things that I use on a daily bases such as laundry soap, soap, personal hygiene, tooth paste, as well as cleaning supplies I am able to get more of the things that I need for my money.

When making a purchase for something that I need I try and make sure that is either on sale when I buy it or make sure I have a coupon.  Coupons have influenced my purchasing because by using coupons I have become more aware of my spending habits how much I spend on things.  I have also become more aware of what I am buying and rather or not I actually need the product. Or if I can wait until the product goes on sale or I can find a coupon for it.

Coupons have also influenced my purchasing decisions and habits, because couponing has help me learn how to budget and stick to that budget. To make a shopping or grocery list before I go shopping or to the grocery so that I only buy the things that I need the moment that are on my list. This is to keep down on spur of the moment buys of things that I do not need. This also allows me to make thoughtful purchases. With couponing I know think before I buy.

Coupons influence my purchasing because the main thing is it helps me to save money. As a college student extra money is hard to come by and couponing allows me to make that money stretch even further. As a college student with tuition and housing to pay for along with books most of my budget is spend on school and school stuff. So without coupons it would hard to do grocery shopping. Couponing allows me to be able to purchase everything I need and sometimes something that I want Couponing has influenced my purchasing because I have learned important lessons from couponing that go beyond just couponing. I have learned to make a budget and follow that budget. I have also learned how to tell the difference between a want and a need. I have also learned that it is okay to use coupons, it just means that I want to be responsible with my spending. I have also learned that it is okay to think about a purchase for a while before you actually make the purchase. That it is better to be an informed buyer than to make spur of the moment purchases. That waiting to purchase till I have a coupon or it goes on sell pays off in the long run.

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Couponing has made me a careful shopper in the long run. With couponing I have a solid plan before I even go to the store. I know what I am going to buy before I go. This way I have the coupons I need ready and I have a list. I go to the store and only get what I had planned to get. This helps me to save money because I don’t end up making random unless purchases.

Couponing has influenced my purchasing overall because it has made me a more informed shopper.

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