I believe that couponing influences my purchasing decisions, to an extent. There are certain stores that I will only buy products from if I have a coupon, but other stores I will go in without any coupons at all. I really think it depends on the price of the product that I want to buy.

As a college student I know that every penny I save will account for something. I have a job and work as much as I can so that I have enough money to pay for college and take out as little of loans as possible. Students don’t want to have to have thousands of dollars to pay back after they graduate, so any money students make, if saved wisely, will go toward their education.

I am not the typical girl who likes to shop all the time or buy clothes, so for me, I don’t look up tons of coupons all the time. I look up coupons for a larger purchase I may make, like a new pair of shoes I need, or something I have wanted for a really long time. If the price of a product is a lot more than I would like to spend, I only buy it if I can find a coupon.

There are crazy people who look up coupons for every single purchase they make, and I think that is a waste of time. The time could be spent doing other more productive things. I think that if someone really needs a coupon for every product, then they are a little addicted to shopping as well.

For my own personal experience, I only get coupons from about five stores, tops. My motto is, if I can’t find a coupon for something expensive, then the product really isn’t worth me wasting my money on. Now it’s not like I don’t ever treat myself or go crazy saving, I just don’t believe I need to spend paychecks buying things I don’t need. I think that most college students would say that if they use coupons, it’s really for things that they don’t even actually need. There have been a few occasions where coupons have come in handy, like with purchasing dorm and school supplies, but other than that, I can’t think of any time I have used a coupon for something that I needed, only something that I wanted.

In our world today I believe we get so caught up in buying the latest and the greatest. We buy things we want and “have to have,” not things that we need or are required to buy. We use so much time earning money at our part-time jobs, only to spend every paycheck on clothes, video games, or makeup. Are those things really that dire to our everyday life? Absolutely not.

Coupons are great for those with lower incomes and even college students, so I’m not hinting that those who use them are selfish for their own needs alone. I believe that we should just be conscientious of our purchases. If someone does want an expensive item just because they “have to have it,” then by all means, why not find a coupon to help lower the price?

In all honestly, I really think I’m just too lazy to even bother looking up coupons. I don’t shop enough to save every penny; therefore, I don’t see a point in couponing. Another reason I don’t use coupons that much is because in my state, there are so many rules against how many coupons you can use. A lot of times, only one coupon can be used per purchase, and you only end up saving a few dollars, so again I don’t see the point in using coupons. Even for items like groceries, there is still a limit on the number of coupons one can use. When you watch the crazy couponing shows on TV, I always notice they have hundreds of coupons per purchase. That would never be allowed in my home state.

All of that being said, I do not believe that couponing influences my purchasing decisions. For someone who doesn’t shop very often, coupons just aren’t a part of my shopping routine.

A note from us at I’m In:  Kylie doesn’t use a lot of coupons, but when she does, she uses them for something that she needs – like school supplies.  We can help you save on school supplies, too with these coupons!