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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Kyle L.

Coupons definitely affect my family’s purchases. We aren’t extreme coupon-ers nor do we throw money away, but we are conscious about our monetary choices. Coupons help us make our goods cheaper and easier to buy. My parents’ income puts us at an middle class stance ergo we are able to afford what we want but have to limit ourselves from spending too much money on what we don’t need. Coupons are a great way of saving little by little and slowly saving money. My family drifts towards coupon-based products in order to preserve this small earning system.

One example is the twenty percent off coupon clothing stores like Kohl’s and Sear’s offers. These department stores offer a portion of the price to be reduced so that people are willing to buy more. This raises the demand for the apparel and causes more consumers to buy more thinking they are saving more money. The consumers are right if they aren’t spending outrageous amounts of money in hopes that they will get “better deals”. The key to using these coupons are buying these certain clothes at times of a new wardrobe change. My mom likes to go out and buy new clothes and get a good deal for them; not only is she buying what she wants but she’s saving money. Everyone should get new clothes every once in a while and these coupons are great incentives to do so.

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Grocery stores like to heavily advertise small coupons for popular products. Things like milk, eggs, or toilet paper have meager deals like save a dollar or sixty-nine cents off. They are practically nothing but add up in the long run. Spending three dollars versus four dollars barely seems interesting for someone who makes enough money to not care. However, my family sees through the haze to realize that all of these little savings add up. A dollar here and there becomes a hundred dollars in a year and a thousand in a decade. The miniscule becomes something through reproduction like the phrase “size in numbers”. As a child, I remember going to the store with my dad to get groceries and as an eager child I wanted the brand-name, high-quality food, not the local store garbage. My dad told me we’re getting the off-brand because it’s a dollar or so cheaper. I didn’t like that because it wasn’t the real thing when in reality, they were the same product. My dad was right by saving money rather than experiencing the brief pleasure of having the more popular brand.

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Coupons aren’t all pieces of paper or deductions in prices but they are the management of money. Money has to be handled wisely for it controls the majority of things in life. Money pays bills and money affords necessities so learning how to use money correctly can be the key to a successful life. By using coupons, people can use every one they see and buy needless things for the sake of saving money when in reality they are losing money. There’s a difference between saving money than saving money from a surplus of goods. Nothing is being saved if they are buying things they don’t need that will just be wasteful. This also goes for buying large quantities of something like milk or detergent that should not be bought excessively. Henceforth, using coupons teaches the users how to properly spend and manage money. This is why my family doesn’t use coupons obsessively or why they avoid using coupons at all. It is good to meet in the middle where the line between unnecessary and wasteful is drawn.

Coupons aren’t a huge part of my family’s purchasing but definitely come in handy by helping us save money and teaching us how to manage money better. From cheap deals to discounts, coupons are a way of earning small amounts over a long period of time. This is a smart way to earn money since it is hard to earn enough money to pay for things like college. My family needs as much help as they can get and coupons are very useful.

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