As a teenage girl I love to shop, but as a freshman in college, my wallet does not like when I do. Due to these conflicting concepts, coupons have become a major impact in my life and what I buy. The reason for this is because coupons help me to tame the shopaholic in me while saving me money in the process. But that is not the only reasons I like using them. To me using coupons give me a sense of pride, in spending my money wisely. They also help me to spend less time in stores, and they make me feel like a true adult with my choices.

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Now that I have to buy my own clothes, school supplies, and food I have to think heavily on if I need an item or if I just want it. This is another area that coupons have helped me, aiding me with my indecisive shopping habits. When this predicament arises, a simple coupon can determine whether or not I should something. If I don’t have a coupon or any other way to purchase the item cheaper, it’s become much easier to just not worry over it. Yet coupons can have their setbacks, and I know them first hand. Even though I try to use coupons as much as possible, there are time where they are not useful, such as the times where the coupon might be for an item that is thirty-five dollars and the coupon is only for five per cent off, or when there is an item that is close to the exact same item that is need it just has a different name and that item is just ten dollars at regular store price. This brings in the question why I would use the coupon for the more expensive item when the whole reason I use coupons is to shop smart, and to be wise with my purchases. So even with a coupon there is always the opinion of just getting the least expensive item while still saving money.

There was a point in time where I was not the wise shopper I am today. It was only during the months leading up to going off to college did I really find out about the awesomeness that was the coupon. Before this time I use to think that coupons were only for older house wives that just wanted or needed to save money at the grocery store. I also use to think that I had to drive around the city just to find a local newspaper stand in order to get just a few coupons, but now I see how closed-minded I was. I know now that coupon can be found everywhere, such as in the stores, on social media, and that there are even whole websites dedicated to solely coupons and there is not just a few of them found like I thought but hundreds on some websites and others even thousands. A person nowadays can just print off the coupon needed from the comfort of their own home, or they can simply show a cashier their cell phone that has a coupon code for an item. It’s all much easier than I thought.

I also found out that there are coupons for almost everything from clothes to shoes, purses, books, and even school supplies and groceries. This is another reason why I love coupons, because they help me save on the items I enjoy buying not just items like milk, carrots or feather dusters like I use to think coupons were only used for, even though there are coupons for those.

The fact is that these little pieces of paper and/or codes can save me so much time and money and makes me feel like a responsible young adult is why a coupon book has become my new shopping buddy and why I have grown to love them so much.