Coupons are an essential part of my shopping experience.  Shopping excursions are planned in advance based upon the coupons that I have.  Oftentimes a coupon will induce me to purchase an item I had not previously considered.  Coupons play an important role to companies as advertisements and incentives to customers, just as they play an important role for consumers as a way to save money.

In today’s world, almost anything you need can be found at a multitude of stores, both online and brick and mortar.  Usually these retailers will all have the same item for the same or similar price.  The way to ensure that you are getting the best value is to find the coupons available to you and make a comparison.  Whether shopping online or in store, I plan my purchases in advance.  This plan centers on the coupons that I am able to obtain.  I acquire coupons in numerous manners: online searches, newspapers, emails, etc.  When I need to make any sort of purchase, I first determine which retailers carry the item(s) I am seeking. I then evaluate the coupons I have in my possession or can obtain.  Factoring the coupons into the price of the item, I then proceed to make my purchase through the retailer where I can get the best value.

Coupons are also a form of advertisement.  I receive numerous e-mails and direct mailings from companies every day.  A vast majority of these communications contain either a coupon or a discount code in them as incentive to purchase the company’s products.  Due to the overwhelming amount of these that I receive, I must ignore the majority of them.  However, I do often decide to shop at a certain store or purchase a particular item because I received a mailing about it with a great coupon.
Convenience with coupons is also important in my shopping decisions.  Stores like CVS and Weis that allow you to load coupons onto your frequent shopper card are ideal.  I shop at these stores over others often because I enjoy the convenience. I never have to worry that I forgot the coupon at home, as my frequent shopper card is always on my key ring.  Also at these stores I no longer have the burden of cutting out, sorting and carrying copious amounts of coupons.  Although I am a value shopper, I am also a very busy person who needs these little conveniences; I shop at these stores because they have this feature even if another store is a little bit less expensive.

Coupons offer me and other consumers incentive to shop at particular stores or to purchase certain items or brands.  If they did not offer coupons, companies would have a harder time drawing people into their stores, and consumers would not often walk away with the feeling of knowing they got a great deal.  Shopping without considering coupons would merely be an exercise of opportunity.  I would shop wherever was easiest or most convenient without considering all of my options, and I would likely never get a great deal.

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