You bet! Coupons most definitely influence my purchasing decisions. Coupons can provide a great deal and also make it easier on my wallet. If there is one thing my parents have instilled in me it is to always make sound financial decisions. I was raised to use coupons whenever possible. And why not? It may take a little work to look for the best deal but it is always worth my time and effort. When I use a coupon not only do I save money but I feel good about being financially responsible. Being financially responsible is a skill I will need to practice for the rest of my life so the sooner I start learning the best ways to save money the better off I will be in the long run.

Making a good financial decision will play a part in helping me decide what college I will attend. When I set my mind on something nothing holds me back from trying to achieve that goal. For the past four years my goal has been to work hard and get accepted to, and ultimately attend, my dream school. Knowing that my dream school is out of state, and therefore more expensive, provided me with additional motivation to work even harder and try to earn scholarships to help me pay for my tuition. I think earning a scholarship will be much like using a coupon and therefore would be financially responsible of me to help pay for my college education.

A coupon can get a buyer in the door of a store where they may not usually shop. A scholarship can have the same effect for a school. If a school that may not be my dream school were to offer me a scholarship that would greatly reduces the cost of attendance I know that the financially responsible thing to do would be to take a closer look at that school. I would need to have an open mind and weigh all of my options. Scholarships can help both the student and their family help pay for not only tuition but room/board, books, travel, etc. However, as helpful as a scholarship can be it should not be the only factor on which to base such an important decision like what college to attend.

Having a coupon for something does not always mean it is the best deal. It is only a good purchasing decision if you are applying it towards something that you truly want or need. If one wants something so badly the lack of a coupon should not be the deciding factor. For example, I worked extremely hard both inside and outside of the classroom throughout my high school years. I have held a part-time job throughout high school so that I could save money to apply towards my education. I worked hard so that I could get into the college that I have always dreamed of attending. I will continue to work hard in college and maximize every opportunity available. After graduating from college my goal is to enjoy my work every day. I do not plan to just have a job. I want a career. A scholarship would certainly help with the financial side of helping me achieve the goals I set for myself but it will not be the deciding factor. Just like a coupon should not entirely affect the purchase of something.

To summarize, yes, coupons do affect my purchasing decisions. Coupons are a great way to help offset the cost of purchases both small and large. One of the largest purchases of my life will be my college education. Scholarships are similar to coupons in that they can make a college education more affordable. Scholarships can help sway a student toward a certain college because of the financial benefits provided however, in my opinion they should not be the ultimate deciding factor when making such a big decision.

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