I will be the first to admit that I use coupons for just about anything and everything I purchase, whether it is online or in-store. However I find that coupon users are looked down on and are judged as frugal, low income, and poor citizens of a society that has put a stigma on the word coupon. It has become widely known, and sadly accepted, that coupon users or bargain hunters have become synonymous to cheapskates. There is also this perception and gender bias, and at times racial bias, that minority women are the only types of people to use coupon or go bargain hunting and that is simply not true. Everyone, regardless of gender and race, has at least used a coupon in their lives, though some will not admit to it. But, alas, it is true that almost every purchase I have made in the last month was due in part to my obsession in getting a great deal on an item and yes, this does include food purchases such as bacon or day trip adventures in the mountains or even weekend getaways to a resort! So, go ahead and call me a cheapskate but I like the hunt of a good bargain and I would rather take my latte at a discounted price rather than paying the suckered full retail on it. With that being said, my daily morning routine is not complete until I have thoroughly checked my inbox for deals from Groupon, LivingSocial, Woot, Meh and Amazon (and  yes, in that order). Especially now that the holidays are coming up fast before us; I look for the best deals for gifts to give people. This definitely ranges from bottles of wine, gift baskets, gift certificates, movies passes, monogrammed towels and so on. It matters which brand or company gives the best deals or discounts and the availability of the product as well as shipping costs because sometimes I find that the products may be discounted but the shipping cost is almost twice as much as the discount given. It is never too early to start saving and shopping. Before going to the grocery store, I check online sites such as coupons.com, befrugal.com or other websites that offers free printable coupons to take with me. I also take a look at the coupons from the booklets that you can find in the Sunday papers and clip them all. I often find myself making a conscious effort in purchasing items that I have coupons for and this does include brands I do not regularly purchase. So I guess you say that I am not loyal to one brand. I feel that this is a good opportunity to try new things without spending too much money on them. I think this is especially true when you are on the fence or just not able to know whether you are going to like something or not. I truly believe that the person who first marketed or promoted the use of coupons to entice consumers to try whatever product it is they are selling was an evil genius! While it is true that I clip coupons and search endlessly online for great bargains, I do not always buy the item I have a coupon for at hand. Sometimes the final price of a “discounted” item just does not add up to the savings I originally thought I was going to get. So as you can see my decision to purchase an item does not always depend on my having a coupon for it. I like trying new things and have no problems with going out of my way to save a few bucks but sometimes the end does not justify the means. I personally do not think that there is anything wrong with being frugal and saving money when you can, every little coupon clipped can quickly add up to a lot of savings.

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