“Do coupons influence your purchasing decisions…?” I’d say yes, coupons do influence my purchasing decisions. I lived by myself since I was sixteen, I’m now eighteen, and Extreme Couponing was my favorite television show. I would watch every episode that was on TLC and I even watched every season on Netflix. As I was struggling with financial problems it clicked in my head to learn the techniques the “Extreme Coupon-ers” had. I started writing down all the tips the people had on the show like paying attention to each store’s coupons, since all stores have different coupons. At first I was embarrassed to say “I have coupons” as I was purchasing items; in fact, some people might never use coupons because they consider them being embarrassing and a sight of failure. I’d say who cares what people think! You’re saving yourself money while getting things that you need. The person next to you can’t swallow their pride and pay full price for something that can easily be discounted is actually thinking “wow they saved a lot of money.” They aren’t saying to themselves, “ew a couponer.”.

Coupons influence my purchasing decisions by helping me consider what is really important and needed. One time while I was at the store I really wanted a certain item, but I only had little money. Of course I had my handy coupons with me, but they aren’t for the item I really wanted. If I would buy the item I wanted, I would have used all my money and wouldn’t have been able to use the coupons. I thought for a moment and came to a logical conclusion. Instead of wasting my money on one item that used all my money, I came to conclusion that I really didn’t need it and instead I bought six other things that I used coupons with. I saved money in my process and I bought six items instead of one. Coupons influence your purchasing in a good way because it helps you find the necessities in life. Also, they influence my purchasing decisions by helping me save money for other stuff like schooling. Coupons should be a part of your shopping routines because they really benefit your life. Before I used coupons I spent my money without any thought and didn’t realize how much money I was wasting. Now I use coupons and they influence my life by opening my eyes and slapping me in the face with a bundle of cash. Here I am wasting my money when all you have to do is simply cut out a coupon.

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Coupons don’t always influence every purchasing decision I make but they did help me think more clearly before buying items. Before I buy anything I search online if a place has it for a cheaper price, look around a store to see a less expensive brand, and reconsider if I really need to buy the item. So before someone says coupons don’t influence your purchasing decisions, really think about it. Do you second guess if you need it or not? Do you look at other brand’s prices? Do you think about your purchase afterwards and regret it? These are all signs of trying to save money and the whole purpose of coupons is to help you save money. Even if you aren’t directly using a coupon to get a discount on an object, you’re still thinking ways of saving and that’s what the coupons help you to do. Coupons are a helpful and useful to everyone it’s just the choice if someone wants to use them or not.

Overall, coupons influence my purchasing decisions one-hundred percent, directly and indirectly. In my time of need I click on the television and learned a skill that will follow me throughout my entire life. Thank you Extreme Couponers for showing me that coupons aren’t embarrassing and you should be proud of yourself for saving money. Before I do anything, saving money is on my mind and it truly is less stressful than blindly spending money. Drugs, drinking, and peer pressure haven’t influenced me, but coupons have!