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As a college student I am always on a perpetual budget and constantly trying to find a deal for everything from face wash to taco seasoning mix. I am often faced with a meager income that is meant to pay for the huge demand for all of the necessities for daily life. So to answer the burning question; ““Do coupons influence your purchasing decisions?” The answer will always be that coupons are a beneficial way of life

I wouldn’t call myself an extreme coupon collector, but before I even enter a grocery store, I take the time to make a detailed list of potential meals, desserts, and snacks to stock the pantry with for the week. After the list is made and I have found recipes for each dish, I look for circulars in the mail and online for coupons that are for the ingredients that are required for the meals. When I can find a dish with a majority of coupons to control the cost, this means that meal is definitely going to end up on the menu for that week.

Coupons also give a tight budget a bit more elastic. This means that I am able to buy more things with the same amount of money which is a great help in between paychecks.

Johnson and Wales University requires a strict dress code, with coupons more items are being able to be bought. Items like more of the hygienic products and clothing necessities are needed to maintain a professional dress code. When I see a new skirt, dress pants, or a pair of shoes fit for school and work, usually a coupon is sought out for a discount or a BOGO item so that I can be sure to purchase what is needed and still have money in my bank account and to avoid over draft fees.

Traveling to new places and even exploring the city in which my school is located is a wonderful way to experience new sights, places, and all walks of life that are all around the city. Many educational and recreational places offer affordable admissions thanks to the aid of coupons. Coupons are also credited with helping with the joy of adding more to a trip such as a discount IMAX movie ticket to a museum, a discount ticket or promotional team item at a sporting event, even a promotional item at a thriving or trending local restaurant.

I am currently studying culinary arts and food service management in a university that is in the heart of the city of Charlotte. Many school projects and personal research are centered on the newest trends and food fusions in many of the city’s restaurants. Dining out can add up incredibly fast for the average struggling college student such as myself, so I am always on a constant search for a deal or coupon. Coupons determine if I leave a restaurant feeling full and enjoying the full course experience or wishing that I had eaten a snack before leaving the house.

Thanks to the help of coupons I can purchase just about every item I could need or want without racking up the debt that is attached to the all-to-convenient credit card. Credit cards add a sense of false security to a student such as myself because I’ve never had one before. With a credit card, I would end up having more debt and the bill would stretch my budget beyond comprehend.

Without coupons I know I wouldn’t be able to make ends meet and buy necessities along with a few frivolities that come along with a work study pay check and a small yet demanding college budget.

I learned how to use coupons from my mother. She has raised me on a strict budget and coupons have meant the difference for eating out or attending an event. My mother has taught me the joys of saving and having extra spending room with the help of clipping and printing coupons!