With the cost of living being so high, coupons have become an important staple in people’s lives. Couponing can be difficult at first, but when you get into it you can save a substantial amount of money. I personally have not gotten into it but I know many who use them to save big and stock up on products. Coupons influence my purchasing decisions when I know I need that product, it is a products I have been wanting but have not been able to afford full price, and I do not use them just because I have them.

I typically get coupons from ads that are sent to me in the mail. And when I do, I go through them and check to see if they have goods that I actually use. If they are and I need to go to that particular store then I use them. I live in a town that is not very close to stores. So my trips to stores have to be planned. I can not wait until a coupon is effective if I have to get stuff at a discount. A special trip to the store is also out of the question as I would pay more in gas than the coupon is worth. If i do have a coupon for something on my planned grocery list I definitely use it. I also enjoy it very much when I use coupons since I try to buy things that are only on sale or off brand.

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Sometimes there are special products out there that I like to splurge on. But i rarely buy them unless they are on sale or I have a coupon or ,on the rare occasion, both happen at the same time. A good personal example is craft items at Hobby Lobby. I do a lot of DIY (Do It Yourself) projects to decorate my house or restore old pieces of furniture. It is much cheaper for me to make it myself. I always make sure I have a coupon for something that is full price. I also check to see that the things I need to buy are on sale. Since this is a splurge to me I make sure to not pay retail since these things aren’t essential living items. I do not get these items if I do not have coupons and that makes it all the more special to me.

When I get coupons I do not just use the because I have them. What I mean by this is that generally coupons are for name brand items. If I find an off brand that is still cheaper than the name brand combines with the coupon I buy whichever is cheaper. I also typically don’t use coupons that need me to buy more that I need or usually purchase. I put the coupons that I do not plan on using on social media for people to pick up for free. I do this so somebody who needs them can get what they need. The cost of living in California can be expensive so I try to do what I easily can to help my neighbors.

My goal for the future is to use coupons more effectively. There are an unfathomable amount out there that do not get used and I want to learn how. There is a big chance that I still will not use the ones I feel are not worth using. But I would like to use them to stock up on goods that I like to use for cheap. I know this is something I will have to do when I start school because I am a single mother and the extra money I will be spending for school will have to be saved in other areas. Couponing can make going back to school possible so I can have a better for life for my son and I. Coupons and sales are very influencing in my purchasing decisions and I am sure that will not change any time in the future.