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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Kelsey K.

Do coupons infulence my purchinging decision? Depends on what I’m buying I guess. Like if I have a coupon to my favorite store for clothes or for one of my favorite resturants then I will use it. I think coupons are actually a good thing. They help people out when they are having money problems or need to save money. Even If the coupon is a a couple cents off the item, everything helps. My favorite coupons though are the ones for gas. Since I don’t have a job because I’m so busy with volleyball, gas coupons help a lot. Especially because I drive a lot to Onawa, Iowa because that’s where my boyfriend lives. Any coupon helps with that area.

Another thing I know about coupons is that show Extreme Couponing. Honestly, I think those people are crazy! I mean yes, they save some money but I wouldn’t take the time to cut all of those out and buy a ton of one item just to save a couple dollars on something. To me that’s not worth it. I know things cost a lot of money sometime but that is redicilous. I also think the people cut out all those coupons just for publicity and to be famous. If I’m being honest that show annoys me.

My family also uses a ton of coupons for food places. Like if we are ordering pizza from somewhere, we usually have a coupon to that place. The places we buy pizza from the most are Casey’s and Pizza Hut. We get some pretty good deals. Like at Casey’s, if you save ten of the coupons from the pizza boxes you get a large pizza for free. And who doesn’t like free food? Pizza hut has some pretty good deals too. We also use coupons to sit down resturants as well. Like Pizza Ranch or Texas Road House. The coupon we use the most at Texas Road House is the free appitizer one. Which is nice because you wouldn’t have to spend as much on the main meal because you would be full from the appitizer.

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Coupons are also good for christmas shopping. My mom uses these a lot with her christmas shopping. My mom tries to avoid Black Friday and go another day and use coupons. Which helps her save money and she doesn’t have to deal with the crazy crowd. She uses the coupons at clothing stores the most. Mostly on my brother and sister because I like the more expensive clothes I guess. Kohls and Jcpenny is where she uses them the most. She gets good deals on shoes and clothes. I mean who doesn’t want to get cute clothes and shoe for a cheaper price?

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I feel like when I’m in college, ill use a ton of coupons because ill be poor from paying for my tution and books. So coupons will come in handy when I’m buying food and essential needs for my dorm and health. The college I plan on going to is pretty expensive so any coupon I find that protains to what I need I will use. Since ill be playing volleyball and working out everyday ill be more hungry so ill use the coupons toward healthy food.

When I’m old enough to buy my own house and raise a family I will also use coupons. I’ll get the daily paper and that’s where coupons usually are at. I kinda want a big family so coupons for food would come in handy. Depending on how many kids I have, the food in the house will be gone quick. So why not use a coupon to get a lot of food for less? Seems like a very smart idea for me. A place where sells a large amout of food for cheap is Sam’s Club. My family now doesn’t currently have a Sam’s Club card but my boyfriend’s family does and it saves you so much money. So I will definitly have a Sam’s card when I’m old enough to take care of myself and a family. Coupons can help familys in many ways, but sometimes cutting all those coupons is a waste of time.

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