Coupons and money go hand and hand. Coupons will affect people who do not have a lot of money because they will tend to use coupons more. People who have a lot more money tend not to use them. Money, however, makes people greedy, which it should not. I do not agree with the use of coupons because they are a way to cheat the economy and are used by people who care about money too much.

Why is it that you must attend college to have a job to pay for things like college? It’s kind of a weird cycle. Why does the world revolved around money? I don’t want to live in a world that revolves around a green little piece of paper. I want to explore the world. I want to walk the world by foot and discover things that are amazing. I do not want my whole world to revolve around what my job is going to be and how much money is going to made.  What am I going to do with that money? It’s almost like a prison, it holds so many people back. People are so obsessed with their future they can’t even stop to look at what is right in front of them. They can’t even think about anything but what’s going to happen if they run out of money, what’s going to happen if they don’t go to school, and what’s going to happen if for some awful reason they don’t go to college because they couldn’t get in. This is not how I want to live my life. I do not like how the government’s money and taxes work.

Why don’t we worry about actual important things? Why don’t we care about the environment as much as we care about the money we cut down trees to make it with. Why don’t we care about all the other starving people in the world?  I don’t need a job to make my life complete, but apparently I need a job to not be homeless. Why does the world work like this?  Why is money the most important factor leading to a person’s wellbeing? How come if you don’t have money you can’t have education or health benefits? How come you need identities and social security’s and life insurance and retirement plans? Why can’t we just live? We need all this complicated money and fake protection. We have things like life insurance because if we die then someone has to take money from our death? Money is so important that even when you’re dead it is still a problem.

I’m so tired of being brought up in a world where important things that shouldn’t be important are.  Why instead of teaching kids how to be smarter so they can get a job, don’t we teach them how to WANT to learn just to expand their growth? Why don’t we teach them how to treat each other nicely and how to be there for each other? Why are we thrown into schooling systems that force us into cliques and force us to get good grades on tests or else we fail. We can’t we even learn right. People don’t learn to learn anymore, they learn to memorize things so they get good grades on tests so they can go to college and get money so they’re not homeless.  The reason I take Spanish is because I want to learn other languages so I can connect with other people around the world, but I have a C so apparently I shouldn’t have taken it because the letter grade is the only thing that matters about it, not the fact that I want to someday use it to connect with other people who speak a different language. This whole idea of being afraid to live a life you want to because you might end up homeless due to no money is so awful.