When you go to the store you sort of have an idea of what you are planning to buy. You go into a grocery store for example and buy what you need for dinner and leave. But if on your way into the grocery store someone generously hands you a few coupons they haven’t used, your mind might change on what you’re going to buy. If you have a coupon for 50% off all pop you are most likely going to buy some pop even if you weren’t planning on it. Coupons tend to blind our minds on what we are planning to get because they make things cheaper. If you tell someone something is cheaper than what it normally is that is going to make them want them more. Take black Friday for example, it doesn’t have to do with coupons but it is dealing with things being cheaper than usual. It’s pretty much like handing everyone coupons for everything and that makes people go insane. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in the world because of how much cheaper everything is. Coupons will make everyone crazy. People tend to think they are saving money when they go out with a packet or collection of coupons but really you end up spending more money than what you planned on. You go in the store and buy a lot more things because they are cheaper but if you add up the more things you are buying it tends to be more money. But coupons can be a really good thing as well if you know how to use them. There are people that are coupon experts who really know how to save money. For example there are coupons on things that don’t force you to buy more than what you were planning. There are coupons on gas that can get you money off the price per gallon. You just have to know how to use them. Coupons are helpful in many ways. They can save you a lot of money. I have learned a lot about coupons from some of my family members. My mom uses coupons all the time when she goes to the store to buy clothes. She also uses them when she goes to the grocery store. My grandma uses coupons too. There are different percentages on the coupons. Some can save you more money than others. One of the best place to find coupons is in a magazine. In the magazines they give you coupons where you don’t have to buy things to get the discount. An advantage about magazine coupons is you can look for coupons on things you are already planning on going to the store to buy. If you find the product you are going to buy in the coupon magazine, which is going to make you want to go buy that product for sure. Coupons have the ability to make you shop when you don’t want to. Because when you see the coupon say in big red letters “half off this and half off that” it makes your mind race. It has the ability to bring you to the store when you don’t even want to go to the store. It will bring you to the store to buy things that you don’t even want. You will end up buying things you have never even thought of buying just because it is cheaper than what you are used to it being. So in the big picture, coupons can have a huge impact on your shopping experience. But that impact can be positive and negative. Coupons completely influence your shopping experience because without them you would only have the urge to shop when you need things and only buy what you need. But with coupons you end up buying more than what you need and a lot of things that you never thought of buying.

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