Does a piece of paper influence you to do something or try something? Will you go to a store just too simply use a coupon for something? Does the amount of the coupon influence your decision is using it? These are a few of things that I thought about when asked if a coupon influences my purchase decision. Although there would be many different responses to these questions for the simple fact that everyone places a different value on things. One may prefer a name brand that sends out coupons where another individual would be fine with a generic brand that ends up being cheaper without a coupon. I myself am very influenced with coupons when it comes to a purchase decision.

I am a very coupon friendly person myself I will look for coupons in the flyers that come in the mail most often because they are readily available and I don’t need to go searching for them.  I often refer to my email as a second reference to my coupons needs in that a lot of the places that I shop at send me coupons via email. I have tried using some of the coupon websites that they have out there and found that the two different sites I attempted to use were not very user friendly and the sites sent me all over the place but I never actually received any coupons emailed to me or ones that I could print. I have been told by my significant other that I have a coupon problem and that just because I have a coupon doesn’t mean I need to use it. With that being said I know that I allow coupons to influence me greatly, but when you find deals that are amazing like me why wouldn’t you want to use a coupon?

When it comes to the amount of saving for me that does play a factor into whether I will use the coupon or not. My own habits would hold on to that coupon and if I happened to need that specific product I would use the coupon and if not once it expired I would toss it in the trash. So if it was a coupon for fifteen cents off a product that I really didn’t need I wouldn’t use it. However if this coupon was four dollars off of a product that only cost six dollars I would use every one of the coupons I had and stock up on that specific product. Logically thinking one might say you don’t need to spend all the money now and have three of those but in my thinking I am thinking about the savings in the future. If you could purchase three of something and it equaled the cost of one why wouldn’t you utilize that deal?

Why would I take time to go to a store only to use a coupon one might ask? For me that answer is quite simple. I receive different coupons for my favorite stores like Express, Kohl’s, and Boston Store. So when I receive a special coupon in the mail or through my email a lot of times I go and use those. An example would be a $15 off a $30 purchase for Express and being that I don’t make a lot of money and have three kids to support my first idea is dad likes the under shirts at Express and his birthday is coming up or Christmas isn’t too far away. I would much rather use the coupon and get two of those shirts for their dad and tuck them away for a gift. Even within the last week I have used three store coupons where I specifically went to the store to use only the coupon they sent me. One coupon was for $10 of a $50 shoe purchase and my daughters are growing and needed new shoes for the school year so for me again this was another simple decision.

If it wasn’t for coupons in my life my family wouldn’t be able to survive. I purchase everything on sale and make sure I am able to use a coupon. Coupons are a vital part of our life and for people whom have a much smaller income than others really know the use behind them. Coupons allow me to still buy the things that my kids like. They also allow me to save money where I can so that that money can be allocated towards other bills or necessities in which you can’t use coupons. I know that coupons are very influential in my life as I use them on a weekly basis and will go to a store just to use a coupon if that coupon is worth the trip. In fact if it wasn’t for this essay I wouldn’t have ever known that “I’m In” was a coupon website. I look forward to using the website and finding some great deals.

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