Coupons are a big influence on a lot of purchasing decisions. People look for coupons prior to shopping because you want to get the best deal you can find. You need the coupon beforehand so when you’re checking out you get the item at a cheaper price and a good deal. There are a lot of people who take couponing very serious and really do make everyone count. I’ve even seen some go so far that they’ll get there entire purchase for free if they find the right coupons. I know that getting things at a cheaper price is always something anyone is looking for and if that means using coupons to do that than who wouldn’t. I think that using coupons are a big influence on a lot of purchasing decisions for a few good reasons.

One reason people use coupons are for the most obvious reason, and that is that it makes what they are purchasing a whole lot cheaper. Especially when you have a big family and you are shopping for a lot of people, your ending total is usually a really big number. You want to find any way to make it cheaper and not spend as much money as it would usually be at the end of your shopping. When people want a better deal and don’t want to spend so much at the store they use coupons to make the price cheaper. Using coupons is a good way to save and keep as much money in your pocket as possible. When people use coupons to save money they usually try to find coupons for the items that they use on the regular basis. When saving money while using coupons people look for common things.

 Another reason people use coupons because it has become a trend. A lot of people see how much it has become an epidemic that they want to get in on the hype as well. Not only is it something that’s becoming a trend but it’s also a way to save. When things become trendy and it’s shown that so many people are doing it that makes it a good enough reason for them to start doing it also. It’s evident that in things being popular others will catch on as well. When you see that there are people on television doing something as small couponing it’s than that it becomes big and another reason people coupon. They follow and do the same once it’s seen somewhere big like television. If I was the type of person who followed certain things and wanted to be an “extreme couponer” I would most definitely do it. One, it’s what a lot of people are doing, I might get a chance to be on television, and I’m saving tons of money. People who extreme coupons don’t just shop for the things they need, they shop for things that have that coupon and buy an excessive amount of it.

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Another reason people may use coupons is because of after couponing so much and saving a good amount of money, it soon becomes a habit to use coupons. Having a habit of couponing isn’t a bad thing because you are saving money and getting the things you need at a good price. When having a habit that you can’t quit you are just going to keep at it. As long as the habit is not something that’s harming you or anyone else than it’s not something that’s negative, it’s just something you can’t and don’t want to break. I think couponing is a good way to venture out and find cooler ways to save. Couponing does have an influence on my purchase decisions because I know for a fact I want to find the best deal possible and save as much money as I can. Using coupons is a good way to learn to save money and spend what you have. I’ll continue to use coupons as I grown into an adult because not only do I want to save money now, I want to save money than.