The fact that coupons have the ability to help save me money is great and for that reason they do tend to influence my decisions every once and a while. I am a saver! So if there is any way that I can save an extra couple of dollars when I go grocery shopping than I am going to do it. If I have a coupon for one brand of something that I need and it makes it cheaper than the other brand than I am definitely going to go with the brand that I have the coupon for. The only reason I would go with the non-coupon brand is if it is something that I think is worth the bit of extra money. But even then I still try to wait till I have a coupon for that other brand. I am a little bit of a snob when it comes to my turkey sausage. I will pay the extra dollar to get the brand that I think tastes better versus using the coupon I have for the other brand. But for pretty much everything else I will certainly buy the one I have a coupon for. It just makes so much more sense to use a coupon and save a couple dollars every time I go to the grocery store and then use that money for school than to just discard a coupon because it is for the off brand or something and then spend more money than I need to. I can’t usually tell the flavor of things from one brand to the other (except my turkey sausage) so I will certainly go with the coupon.

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The only reason (other than expired or no need) I would discard a coupon is if there is another brand that is the same size package as the item I have then coupon for but is still cheaper than the brand with the coupon. I would buy the one that I don’t have a coupon for because it is the cheaper option. Or if the coupon is for the brand that uses a chemical additive in its food, such as monosodium glutamate and there is another brand that sells the exact same product minus the chemical additive than I will most certainly go with the healthier brand versus using the coupon. But on things like dish detergent or similar items, I am most certainly going to go with the coupon option, which does also usually tends to be the cheaper option.

I think in a way coupons have to have some kind of effect on most every bodies shopping, weather it is that they want to use it to get a discount on the item they are buying or they just using it as a price reference against another item to see if the difference is significant or not. But there are always the people who refuse to use coupons, there are coupons for pretty much everything though and they should be used. I do wish I was better at finding, remembering and using coupons though. I have a difficult time just remembering to take my coupon folder with me to the grocery store, but when I forget it I normally end up just saying I’ll wait till next time I come to get that so that I can use the coupon. So in that respect, coupons do help influence my decisions when grocery shopping. Not to say that I am not going to buy something I need just because I don’t currently have a coupon for it. Yes, I could maybe get a coupon sometime in the next month in the mail for it, but I need it tomorrow, I can’t wait until next month. Sometimes I can wait though, so I do wait but most the time I just get it when I need it. Coupons are great resources and are very valuable to my grocery bill so they can definitely influence the things that I buy.